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Cambodia Airport Investment Inks 12-Year Contract With Lagardère Travel Retail SAS to Manage Retail Operations at Techo International Airport

Cambodia Airport Investment Inks 12-Year Contract With Lagardère Travel Retail SAS to Manage Retail Operations at Techo International Airport

Cambodia Investment Review

Cambodia Airport Investment (CAIC) has announced a significant 12-year contract with Lagardère Travel Retail SAS and the local HSC Group to manage duty-free, duty-paid retail, travel essentials, and select food service operations at Techo International Airport (TIA). Scheduled to commence operations in 2025, TIA is poised to become Cambodia’s new international gateway.

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This partnership signifies a key development for TIA, with CAIC aiming to enhance the travel experience and provide comprehensive services. Lagardère Travel Retail SAS will operate 34 outlets within the airport, encompassing high-end duty-free shops, hybrid retail and dining concepts, food service, and travel accessories stores. This broad range of outlets is designed to meet the diverse needs of future travelers.

Aelia Duty Free, Will Offer A Wide Selection Of Brands

Travelers will have access to the new Aelia Duty Free, which will offer a wide selection of brands, as well as the EL&N Café, known for its appeal on social media platforms like Instagram. Additional offerings will include a fine dining restaurant, Le Connoisseur, and the Marché Food Hall, catering to various tastes and preferences.

Canadia Group Executive Vice President Charles Vann.

The agreement emphasizes a profit-sharing model, a pioneering approach in the region, aiming to transform retail services in the tourism industry. This model fosters a collaborative partnership between the operator and the airport, reflecting CAIC’s innovative mindset. The contract will facilitate the introduction of advanced technology, product innovation, and brand development.

Okhna Charles Vann, Executive Vice President of Canadia Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited that Lagardère Travel Retail SAS and HSC Group have demonstrated the same confidence, vision, and commitment as CAIC in developing Cambodia’s new world-class airport. We believe this collaboration will strengthen the reputation of Techo International Airport and provide a new experience of retail and dining service to our travelers.”

Raise The Quality Of Retail And Food Services For Travelers

Ms. Séverine Lanthier, Lagardère Travel Retail SAS’s Asia COO & Chief Strategy and Development Officer, echoed this sentiment: “This partnership opens a new chapter in our operations in Asia, and I would like to thank our team and partners for their support in making this new collaboration possible. We believe that, through the model of profit-sharing and the commitment of our team, we will raise the quality of retail and food services for travelers in South Asia and internationally to another level.”

Canadia Group Vice Chairperson Carolyne Pung.

CAIC has already invested over $1.1 billion in the development of Techo International Airport. The first phase of the project, set to launch in early 2025, will have the capacity to handle 13 million passengers annually. Currently, the construction of TIA is approximately 78% complete, with more than 17,000 staff and workers dedicated to the project.

This collaboration between CAIC, Lagardère Travel Retail SAS, and HSC Group marks a significant milestone in the development of TIA, aiming to provide travelers with an enhanced and diverse retail and dining experience while reinforcing the airport’s status as a key international hub.

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