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AI Art Auction Celebrates Cambodia’s ‘Golden Era’ Highlighting Growth in the Kingdom’s Cultural and...

In a blend of culture, philanthropy, and cutting-edge technology, the Mekong Connoisseur Club and Cohiba Atmosphere co-hosted an exclusive art auction at Phnom Penh's historic Raffles Hotel Le Royal. The event, "Step Back in Time: An Evening of Art & Charity Celebrating Cambodia's Golden Era," featured AI artist Jérémie Montessuis and raised $2300 for Isaiah Cambodia, a charity focused on educational development for underprivileged children in the city. The occasion underscored Cambodia's growing influence in both the cultural and philanthropic sectors.

ABC Reserve Expands Portfolio with New Tall Can Format

ABC Reserve, Cambodia's premier whisky-infused beer brand, has unveiled a new 330ml tall can format to cater to the evolving tastes of modern consumers. This strategic move aims to expand the brand's market reach and aligns with its 'Be Exceptional' mantra. The new offering is now available across major retail outlets in Cambodia, marking another milestone in ABC Reserve's commitment to innovation and quality.

The Transition to Electric Vehicles: A Wise Move by MG and a Positive Step...

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is reshaping the global automotive industry, and MG, a British automotive brand, is at the forefront of this change. As Cambodia seeks to align with sustainable transportation trends, MG's shift towards EVs offers the nation an opportunity to reduce environmental impact, create new employment opportunities, and boost economic advantages. This article explores MG's commitment to EVs and how Cambodia can benefit from embracing this positive transformation.

Celebrating 12 Years of Legend Cinema: A Business Success Story in the Cambodian Film...

Celebrating its 12th anniversary, Legend Cinema, a pioneer of international standard cinema in Cambodia, marked the occasion with a grand event, outlining its impressive journey and future growth strategy. From introducing advanced cinema technologies to launching 13 branches nationwide, the homegrown company represents Cambodian entrepreneurial success. With a focus on innovative customer experiences and premium service, Legend Cinema's remarkable growth story illuminates the potential of local Cambodian businesses in the rapidly evolving film industry.

Inaugural HoSkar Night in Phnom Penh A Resounding Success: Driving Collaboration in Hospitality and...

The inaugural HoSkar Night, organized by Savills Hotels in Phnom Penh and supported by Cambodia Investment Review, attracted over 200 attendees from the hospitality and real estate industries. Mauro Gasparotti, founder of the event and Director of Savills Hotels Asia Pacific, hailed it as a great success and a venue to stimulate new ventures in Cambodia's burgeoning business landscape. With the night fostering significant connections and showcasing the city's business environment, the stage is set for Phnom Penh to host the region's largest hospitality conference, 'Meet the Experts.'

30 Degree Agency Brings International Star MSPUIYI to NagaWorld in a Boost for Phnom...

Southeast Asia's rising entertainment hub, Phnom Penh, is gearing up to host international sensation MSPUIYI at the iconic NagaWorld. Organized by 30 Degree Agency, this performance cements the city's growing reputation for big-name events and performers. MSPUIYI, an internationally acclaimed DJ, artist, and actress, brings her vibrant talent to Cambodia, spotlighting Phnom Penh as a key player in the region's entertainment scene.

Sustainable Yachting: Navigating Cambodia’s waterways in Eco-friendly Luxury

With growing climate change awareness, sustainable luxury is emerging as a priority for many. Enter the world of eco-friendly yachting in Cambodia: a unique blend of luxury and conservation, that promotes environmental responsibility while offering a serene getaway. Experience Cambodia's diverse aquatic landscapes on e-yachts, luxury vessels that harness electric power and advanced technologies, leaving minimal ecological footprint, yet offering unparalleled comfort and lavish amenities.

Seaplane Asia Limited and the Royal Group Launch Kingdom’s First Premium Seaplane Service to...

Seaplane Asia Limited and the Royal Group of Cambodia are launching the Kingdom's first premium seaplane service, known as Royal Group Samra Seaplane, to boost high-end tourism and revolutionize local aviation. This venture aims to improve air access and interconnectivity, offering spectacular aerial views of Cambodia's natural beauty. Moreover, the project will provide broader services, introducing a new standard for seaplane transportation in the region, with potential impacts on healthcare, logistics, and emergency services.

Redefining Phnom Penh Retail: The Peak’s Journey into Cambodia’s Cultural and Artistic Heritage

As it prepares for a grand opening in 2024, The Peak, an innovative 55-storey development in Cambodia, is charting a new course in retail. By hosting "Nomadic Culture," a vibrant series of art and cultural exhibitions, it is transforming traditional retail paradigms, blending shopping with immersive cultural experiences, and setting the stage for a revolution in consumer experiences.

Vespa launches limited edition Primavera Color Vibe in style to Cambodian market

Vespa Cambodia held a glittering event at Mecon open-air sky bar in Phnom Penh recently, where the iconic Italian brand which first launched in 2012 released the Limited-Edition Vespa Primavera Color Vibe series – CIR Life & Luxury attended the launch event.