Chea Serey appointed to Singapore’s Global FinTech Institute

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National Bank of Cambodia’s Director-General Chea Serey was appointed as an International Council Member of Singapore-headquartered Global FinTech Institute.

Her appointment was in recognition of achievements in harnessing financial technology and innovation to create and unlock opportunities for those underserved by traditional models of financial services.

In a Facebook post Serey wrote, “Today I am very honored to be appointed as an International Council Member – along with other very respectable individuals in academia, and public and private sectors – of the Global FinTech Institute, Singapore University of Social Sciences.”

Serey has been one of the country’s most high-profile female business leaders and has led Cambodia’s digital transformation through her guidance in the development of the blockchain-driven Bakong system.

Last year she was honored with a “Future of Payments Award” reserved for “game changers of the payments industry” – at the Singapore Fintech Festival hosted by the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) and the London-based Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE).

The Global Fintech Institute (GFI), headquartered in Singapore, is a global professional credentialing body dedicated to creating greater collaboration, advocacy, ethics and knowledge for all Fintech professionals. The professional body is aims to empower members and the community to leverage Fintech for growth and transformation, through engaging the community in the latest trends, issues and development in Fintech.

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