ADB and Securities Regulator Host Workshop on The Potential of Investing in Cambodia’s Sustainable...

Cambodia's emerging sustainable bond market was the focal point of a recent workshop by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), and the Ministry of Environment (MoE). The workshop aimed to address the potential and challenges of this niche sector, while stressing the necessity for green investments for future generations, climate resilience, and financial growth in the region.

ACLEDA Bank Partners with Credit Bureau (Cambodia) for Digital Financial Health Checks

ACLEDA Bank has partnered with Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC) to launch a digital financial health check service. The collaboration aims to digitize customers' access to credit history via ACLEDA's mobile app, revolutionizing financial health monitoring and contributing to Cambodia's journey towards enhanced financial inclusion and digital transformation.

Visa Report Identifies Digital Revolution Opportunities in Cambodia’s Credit Landscape

The report reveals potential for substantial digital transformation in Cambodia's credit landscape. Amid exponential economic growth, Cambodia presents unique opportunities for financial inclusion and modern credit services, such as credit cards and digital loans. By fostering responsible lending practices and leveraging technology, Cambodia can enhance its financial ecosystem and facilitate transition from a cash-dependent to a cashless society.’s Exclusive Property Showcase 16-17 June 2023 announces its Exclusive Property Showcase slated for 16-17 June 2023 in Phnom Penh, offering a curated selection of sought-after Cambodian properties at exceptional prices. The event, following the huge success of the 2022 showcase, promises high potential properties at substantial discounts. Participants, both local and foreign buyers, can expect a diverse range of investment opportunities, from modern condos to charming homes, and even transport to visit the properties.

Cambodian Venture-Building Program PRISME Launches Second Cohort

Platform Impact, a pioneering venture-building initiative in Cambodia, has announced its call for a new cohort of impact-driven, growth-stage companies for its 2023 PRISME program. Partnering with Cambodian Investor Club (CIC), Khmer Enterprise, and Oxfam, PRISME aims to foster sustainable growth and investment in the country's small and medium businesses, building on the success of its first year, which raised $800,000 and attracted investor interest up to $10 million.

Rising Giants: Attire Lounge Pioneering the Sartorial Gentlemen’s Style in Cambodia

In Episode 88 of the 'Rising Giants' podcast, hosts Max Thornton and Dom Kalouse interview the co-founders of Attire Lounge, Tong Hour (Key) and PingAnn Oung. This innovative Cambodian venture, the country's first sartorial gentlemen's style consultant house, is pioneering in blending traditional tailoring techniques with modern aesthetics. They discuss the brand's inception, challenges faced, and their visions for future expansion.

Return of the Stolen Artifacts: IBC’s Business Community Celebrates Cambodian Heritage at the National...

The International Business Chamber (IBC) is bringing together the business community for an exceptional event: "Return of the Stolen Artifacts". It promises a fusion of business networking and cultural appreciation, marking an important milestone in Cambodian history and fostering global goodwill towards the nation's heritage.

Chief Bank Focus on Digital Transformation Highlighted in Strong 2022 Financial Results

Chief Bank, a leading financial institution in Cambodia, has reported a strong financial performance for 2022 amidst global challenges. The bank's strategic transformation into a full-fledged commercial entity and a dedicated emphasis on digitalization have positioned it at the forefront of Cambodia's banking revolution, even in the face of ongoing geopolitical instability and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opinion: Cambodia Should Accelerate Trade Reforms To Address The Challenges Its LDC Graduation Will...

Cambodia's impending graduation from least developed country (LDC) status - expected as early as 2027 - brings both celebration and challenge. While indicating significant socio-economic development, it also means losing preferential trade benefits. Authors Pramila Crivelli, Stefano Inama, and Gerald Pascua propose that Cambodia must accelerate trade reforms, expand participation in free trade agreements, undertake domestic reforms, and capitalize on digitalization to ensure competitive market access and maintain its export performance post-graduation.

MPTC Launches Reality Show ‘Digital Talents’ to Drive Digital Workforce

"Digital Talents," a transformative reality competition show, has been launched by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC) in Cambodia. This initiative is aimed at equipping Cambodian youth with crucial digital skills, nurturing a new generation of digital professionals. The show provides a platform for high school students to explore their potential in the digital field, with winners receiving a cash prize and a full-time undergraduate scholarship to the American University of Phnom Penh.