Leader Talks: Martin Brisson on EuroCham Hitting $1M in Annual Revenue & Its Role...

Martin Brisson, the Executive Director of EuroCham Cambodia spoke with CIR Leader Talks, shedding light on the organization's milestone of reaching $1 million in annual revenue and its strategic plans ahead. Generated from a mix of grants, membership fees, and sponsorships, this revenue enables EuroCham to broaden its advocacy and services. Brisson also highlighted the Cambodian government's growing receptiveness to the business community's concerns, such as tax audits, export certifications, and access to skilled labor, particularly amid the current economic slowdown.

Leader Talks: Martin Crawford & Debby Davidson on Streamlining Premier-Level Corporate Services Across Cambodia...

Martin Crawford, Founder & CEO, and Debby Davidson, Co-Founder & COO of Acclime spoke with CIR Leader Talks about the company's ambitious strategy to transform the corporate services sector in Cambodia and Asia-Pacific. With over 25 offices and a workforce exceeding 1,250 across the Asia-Pacific, Acclime aims to seamlessly blend traditional high-quality services with tech-driven solutions. Offering insights into the company’s focus on technology, market trends, and an ambitious revenue target, the leaders are redefining what it means to be a premier corporate services firm.

HEINEKEN Cambodia Appoints Andy Hewson as New Managing Director

HEINEKEN Cambodia has officially appointed Andy Hewson as its new Managing Director, succeeding Samson Wong. Andy Hewson brings over 12 years of experience within the HEINEKEN group to the role. His appointment comes amid HEINEKEN Cambodia's ongoing efforts to innovate and strengthen its commitment to sustainability and community impact. Under Hewson's leadership, the company aims to continue its growth trajectory while reinforcing its 'Brew A Better Cambodia' agenda.

Leader Talks: Ian Jones on Cambodia’s Market Progression for Impact Ventures and Climate Finance

Executive Director of Mekong Inclusive Ventures and Agile Development Group, Mr. Ian Jones, spoke with CIR Leader Talks after delivering a keynote presentation at the Switch to Solar Start Up Showcase 2023; delving into the intricacies of Cambodia's landscape for impact ventures and climate finance. Ian offered invaluable insights on the evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem, financial instruments, and the role of government and culture in fostering innovation. His analysis serves as a roadmap for stakeholders navigating this complex, emerging sector.

Leader Talks: Sven Callebaut on Increasing Australian Trade & Investment into Cambodia

Trade and Investment Specialist Mr. Sven Callebaut, spoke with CIR Leader Talks about the recently released ‘Handbook on Investing in Cambodia,’ a collaborative effort between the Australian Government and the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC). Mr. Callebaut emphasized the handbook's utility as a resource for investors to tap into promising opportunities, thereby strengthening trade and investment connections between Australia and Cambodia. His insights provide a profound understanding of the Cambodian market and the strategic pathways to successful investment.

Embracing Oknha Values: COA 2023 Business Forum Focuses on Honor, Dignity, and Cambodia’s Economic...

The Cambodian Oknha Association (COA) recently convened a gathering of over 400 business leaders, foreign representatives, and top government officials for the 2023 Business Forum, focusing on the noble values of Oknha. This event emphasized honor, moral dignity, and a commitment to Cambodia's economic development, reflecting a shared vision for the future and the collaborative effort needed to achieve prosperity in various sectors of the Cambodian economy.

Australia-Cambodia Ties Bolstered with New Investment Handbook: Key Advantages & Insights Revealed by Leading...

Prominent Australian investors and business owners have endorsed Cambodia as a highly promising investment destination, according to testimonials in the recently released 'Handbook on Investing in Cambodia'. Companies including the Australian Centre for Education (ACE), Liberty Mining, DFDL, Red Furnesse, Auscham Cambodia, GEI Mekong, and Future have shared their successful experiences in sectors ranging from education to mining and construction. The unique insights provided by these flagship investors as well as detailed list are expected to pave the way for stronger Australia-Cambodia economic ties.

Leader Talks: Luke Wang on Developing Cambodia’s Financial Software Infrastructure

Luke Wang, Chairman of Phnom Penh Financial Info speaks with CIR Leader Talks on the company's role in Cambodia’s developing fintech sector. He outlines the potential of the Cambodian derivatives market, introduces PPFI's innovative fintech solution "EzQT," and speaks to the firm's future goals, emphasizing its commitment to advancing fintech in the country. Luke’s insights suggest a promising outlook for Cambodia's financial future, backed by PPFI's unique combination of technology and consulting services.

Leader Talks: Khuon Frandara on Increasing Female Participation In Cambodia’s FinTech Industry

Khuon Frandara, Acting CEO of TrueMoney Cambodia, spoke to CIR Leader Talks about making waves in the nation's FinTech sector by encouraging female participation. With over 15 years of experience, her unique approach fuses traditional Cambodian family roles with a modern entrepreneurship mindset, advocating ambition, resilience, and proactivity. Amidst the societal perception that tech roles aren't glamorous, Frandara stands strong, driving TrueMoney’s mission to provide innovative financial solutions, while striving for gender inclusivity.

The Future of Cambodian Insurance: Insights from the Cambodia Insurance Brokers Association (Video)

The Cambodia Insurance Brokers Association (CIBA) recently partnered with the Cambodia and Investment Review and B2B Cambodia to host a panel discussion. The conversation centered around the present state and future trajectory of Cambodia's insurance sector, offering insights into market trends, technology adoption, and strategies for growth. The event served as a platform to understand the market's current dynamics while offering a glimpse into its promising future.