Leader Talks: Kheang Ratanak on promoting automobile insurance in Cambodia

Head of Automobile Insurance at Forte Insurance Mr. Kheang Ratanak spoke with CIR Leader Talks on the government’s plans to introduce compulsory insurance for private vehicles, the changing culture of driver safety, and car insurance protection and value-added services Forte is offering.

EuroCham elects seven new board of directors at 2022 AGM

European Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (EuroCham) members have selected seven new board of directors from nine candidates before reinstating Mr. Tassilo Brinzer as Chairman at the EuroCham 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Sofitel Hotel. 

Pang Socheneath CIR Media Young Business Journalist Supported by Philanthropist Chen Zhi, Prince Holding...

Since March this year, Prince Foundation has extended its support towards an internship program to two bright young minds under the Young Business Journalist Program by Cambodia Investment Review.

Leader Talks: Clint O’Connell on Cambodia’s modernizing taxation system

Partner at tax and corporate advisory firm DFDL Cambodia Mr. Clint O’Connell spoke with CIR Leader Talks on his almost 14 years working in Cambodia’s tax industry, the emerging tax trends as well as his firm being awarded the 2022 Tax Firm of the year in Cambodia.

Leader Talks: Tina Redshaw on promoting British business and trade in Cambodia

Outgoing British Ambassador to Cambodia H.E. Tina Redshaw spoke with CIR Leader Talks on promoting British businesses, strengthening trade ties, as well as advocating for women's participation and the green economy in Cambodia.

Leader Talks: Raymond Sia on collaboration, cooperation and capacity building for Cambodia’s banking association

The newly appointed Chairman of the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) Mr. Raymond Sia spoke with CIR Leader Talks on his ambitions and aspirations for the association.

Leader Talks: Dr. Prom Visoth on leading Cambodia’s most popular brokerage firm ACLEDA Securities

President and Chief Executive Officer of ACLEDA Securities Plc. Dr. Prom Visoth spoke with CIR Leader Talks on being the most used brokerage firm for Cambodia's stock market as well as the ongoing development of future products.

Leader Talks: Dr. Sok Siphana on the importance of health insurance in Cambodia

The discussion aimed to educate both Cambodians and ex-pats on the importance of proper health insurance in Cambodia, as Dr. Siphana shared a very deep and personal story about his and his son’s simultaneous battle with cancer during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Sok Voeun, Chairman of Cambodia Microfinance Association

Leader Talks: Sok Voeun on ensuring the prosperity and sustainability of Cambodia’s microfinance sector

The newly elected Chairman of Cambodia’s Microfinance Association Mr. Sok Voeun spoke with CIR Leader Talks about assuring the sector’s prosperity and sustainability for his members, addressing any negative perceptions and future trends.

Leader talks: Chhay Sivlin on the opportunities and challenges for Cambodia’s tourism sector post...

Ms Chhay Sivlin, President of the Cambodia Association of Travel Agents speaks with CIR Leader Talks about the future trends and current challenges facing Cambodia's tourism sector post COVID as well as what more policy makers can do to assist.