Wonderpass Revolutionizes Student Life with Campus Platform, Forges Strategic Partnerships with Brands and Ministry...

Capitalizing on its stronghold in Cambodia's booking industry through its innovative LIVE. smart ticketing app, financial technology firm Wonderpass is now expanding its horizons to target the higher education sector. Utilizing the proven success of LIVE., the company has rolled out Campus, a specialized platform exclusively designed for university students. With an impressive proof-of-concept this year that garnered over 25,000 student users, Campus is poised to revolutionize student life by providing a range of tailored financial tools and establishing pivotal partnerships with key brands and institutions.

AVPN Hosts Inaugural Impact Investment Roundtable 2023: Building a Collaborative Ecosystem for Social Impact...

The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) hosted its inaugural roundtable discussion in Cambodia, focused on catalyzing social impact through impact investment. The event brought together a diverse group of 93 stakeholders, including funders, development institutions, and startups, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in Cambodia's rapidly evolving investment ecosystem. Panel discussions highlighted unconventional partnerships, the role of mentors, government collaboration, and specific issues affecting women-led MSMEs. The gathering marks a significant step in advancing Cambodia towards its ambitious economic goals for 2030 and 2050.

Give a Day Unlocking Business Innovation: Success Stories from Resilient Entrepreneurs

The 16th edition of Give a Day hosted in Siem Reap, focused on the theme "Unlocking Business Innovation: Success Stories from Resilient Entrepreneurs." Drawing 42 participants, the event aimed to provide crucial insights into business resilience and innovation. Featuring seasoned entrepreneurs such as Lima Lim and Nhim Sorida, the discussions navigated the challenges and opportunities in entrepreneurship, especially during disruptive times. The forum also emphasized the importance of networking and investment, making it a key event for Cambodia's growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We Act and USAID Host 5th Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum and Local Trade Fair in...

The 5th Women’s Entrepreneurship Forum and Local Trade Fair aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs in Cambodia. Pact’s Women Entrepreneurs Act (WE Act) initiative, in partnership with USAID, attracted over 200 vendors and 300 participants, the two-day event focused on enhancing "Access to Legal Business Information, Finance, and Markets" for micro, small, and medium-sized women-led enterprises. The forum served as a vital networking platform, bringing together multiple stakeholders to create a more supportive business landscape for women.

Rising Giants and Choice Accelerator Host ‘Pitch Perfect’ for Cambodian Startups Seeking Seed Funding

The inaugural Pitch Perfect event, organized by Rising Giants and Choice Accelerator, offered an invaluable platform for emerging Cambodian startups to pitch their ideas and receive constructive feedback from industry experts. Four startups, ranging from tourism to EdTech, presented their ventures to an experienced panel for evaluation. The event emphasized not just the importance of compelling pitches, but also the common pitfalls that startups need to avoid in order to secure seed funding in a burgeoning yet challenging market.

Prestige Consulting Launches SprintX Program to Better Prepare Cambodia’s Tech Startups for Investment Readiness

In a leading strategic initiative to better prepare Cambodia's tech industry for investment Prestige Consulting, in partnership with Khmer Enterprise and backed by sponsors ABA Bank and Alibaba Cloud, have launched the SprintX program. Aimed at local tech startups and SMEs, the program offers a multi-phase approach to investment readiness, encompassing training, mentorship, and investment advisory services. With a clear timeline and eligibility criteria, SprintX promises to connect startups with investors and provide deal support, setting a new benchmark for tech investment in the Kingdom.

Rising Giants e98: Thierry Tea on A Decade of Cambodia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem & Redeveloping...

In episode 98 of the Rising Giants podcast Thierry Tea, the CEO of Negocia Capital and Vice President at OCIC Group delves into his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Cambodia's startup ecosystem over the past decade. Thierry also unveils his ambitious plans for redeveloping Koh Pich into a dynamic hub for innovation and startups. The episode offers a look at the challenges and opportunities shaping Cambodia's economic and entrepreneurial landscape.

Leader Talks: Ian Jones on Cambodia’s Market Progression for Impact Ventures and Climate Finance

Executive Director of Mekong Inclusive Ventures and Agile Development Group, Mr. Ian Jones, spoke with CIR Leader Talks after delivering a keynote presentation at the Switch to Solar Start Up Showcase 2023; delving into the intricacies of Cambodia's landscape for impact ventures and climate finance. Ian offered invaluable insights on the evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem, financial instruments, and the role of government and culture in fostering innovation. His analysis serves as a roadmap for stakeholders navigating this complex, emerging sector.

Cambodian Startup Tenbox Joins UNESCAP’s Feminist Finance Forum to Propel Women-Run SMEs

Cambodian-startup Tenbox has recently joined the UNESCAP's Feminist Finance Forum, reflecting a robust commitment to empowering women-run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Cambodia. Emphasizing its role as "more than a tech tool," Tenbox acts as a vital business asset that equips women SMEs to achieve their goals and aspirations. By connecting retail owners with diverse suppliers, Tenbox plays a key role in fostering the growth of women-owned SMEs, constituting 61% of the Kingdom's SMEs. The partnership aligns with the broader mission to enhance finance accessibility for women entrepreneurs across Asia and the Pacific.

Rising Giants e96: Socheata Bun on Key Trends Impacting Digital Influencers in Cambodia &...

In episode 96 of Rising Giants Podcast, Socheata Bun, Chief Operating Officer of 8TEEN Communication - Cambodia's pioneering influencer firm specializing in digital marketing - discusses the ever-evolving digital influencer landscape in Cambodia, trends for 2023, and the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. From insights into the Cambodian beverage industry's marketing dynamics to a broader outlook on entrepreneurship, Socheata's experience offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the fast-growing digital space.