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Meet Marc BERTHOUMIEUX Trio at the Phnom Penh International Jazz Day

Meet Marc BERTHOUMIEUX Trio at the Phnom Penh International Jazz Day

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KlapYaHandz, Cambodia’s first Hip Hop and Alternative music label plans to relaunch the International Jazz festival in Phnom Penh on April 30th envisioning to develop the jazz scene in Cambodia.

The Phnom Penh International Jazz Day will bring the Marc Berthoumieux Trio to Phnom Penh which includes Marc Berthoumieux himself (the accordion & band leader) Laurent Vernerey (Double & Bass guitar) and Giovanni Mirabassi (Piano).

Bringing top quality artist in Cambodia

“It’s been a decade already that our team brought you some exquisite jazz moments in the country, from Martin Jacobsen trio to all the outstanding musicians line up of the four editions of the “Audi international Jazz festival Phnom Penh” and the NHK trio Asian tour just right before the global Covid crisis,” said Mr. Steven Gargadennec, Founder and AD of Cambodian International Jazz Festival.

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“Today, we are proud to announce the return of some major artists touring again in the region by bringing the best of jazz event in Cambodia and this year we are proudly part of the Marc BERTHOUMIEUX Trio ASEAN tour,” he added.

Bringing top quality artist in Cambodia will bring both good cultural and business opportunities among the different layers of the society. Jazz music is also thriving among all our neighbours. From Thailand to Korea, Japan to Indonesia, China and Malaysia, the jazz scene in SEA is becoming the main global one.

A niche in the cultural scene in Cambodia

Although Jazz music could be considered as niche in the cultural scene in Cambodia, the western music considerably influenced the country in the fifties and this for 20 years until the terrible events happening in the mid 70’s. The revival of this cultural golden era when West was meeting East is KlapYaHandz International Jazz’s main moto.

Mr. Sok Visal, founder of KlapYaHandz label added: “The KlapYaHandz Jazz Series aims to grow the jazz scene in Cambodia; it is a great initiative for promoting the country’s culture and tourism. Based on the popularity of our previous events, we intend to organize such concerts regularly and relaunch the Cambodia International Jazz Festival shortly. We are incredibly grateful for the support in assisting with our growth and continuity within the region as our network and audiences continue to grow.”

In November 2011 the UNESCO General Conference proclaimed the 30th April as “International Jazz Day”. This International Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about the art of jazz, its roots, its future and its impact.

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