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Samra Seaplane Streamlines Ownership to Fuel Focused Launch

Samra Seaplane Streamlines Ownership to Fuel Focused Launch

Cambodia Investment Review

Samra Seaplane, Cambodia’s soon-to-launch first premium amphibious seaplane operator, today announced a new chapter marked by a streamlined ownership structure. The company will now operate under the sole leadership of Seaplane Asia Limited.

This strategic move positions Samra Seaplane for a focused and agile launch. The new ownership structure empowers the company to make swift decisions, streamline internal processes, and optimize resource allocation. This will be instrumental in navigating the regulatory landscape and establishing Samra Seaplane as a leader in Cambodia’s premium air travel.

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“We are confident this strategic move positions Samra Seaplane for a successful launch. Samra Seaplane is on its way to become a leader in this industry, offering an exceptional premium service with a touch of luxury, forever transforming the way people explore the sky, land and sea of this beautiful country,” — Mr. Dennis Keller, CEO.

At present, Samra Seaplane is laying the groundwork in preparation for its highly anticipated launch. Cambodia’s first premium amphibious seaplane service is currently focused on several key areas:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Samra Seaplane has already signed MoUs with 11 resort and hotel partners, such as Rosewood Phnom Penh, Bay of Lights, Song Saa Private Island, The Royal Sands Koh Rong, Koh Russey Resort, Knai Bang Chatt and more waterfront resorts in breathtaking destinations across the Kingdom.
  • Regulatory Collaboration: The company is working closely with Cambodian regulatory authorities to finalize the licensing process.
  • Talent Acquisition: Samra Seaplane is actively recruiting for key positions to build a robust team for launch and beyond.
  • Complementary Activities: Samra Aero Services is a distributor for Bose Aviation, and provides consultancy and trade services within the aviation industry.

“With a growing network of leading resort and hotel partners across Cambodia, Samra Seaplane is committed to offering a ‘once in a lifetime — every time’ experience for our esteemed guests,” — Ms. Khemjira Thakamwong, Head of Strategic Partnerships.

“We are working diligently with Cambodian regulatory authorities to finalize the licensing process,” says Mr. Lina Tay, Senior Operations and Regulatory Associate. He adds “Obtaining the necessary licenses is crucial to ensure the highest standard of safety and security for our guests.”

Samra Seaplane.

Additionally, Samra Seaplane closely collaborates with its sister company, Siam Seaplane, in Thailand and the shared holding company’s global advisors, which includes various Government officials and experienced seaplane executives. These associations enable Samra Seaplane to leverage valuable expertise and best practices in seaplane operations, regulatory compliance, and service excellence.

Samra Seaplane welcomes the opportunity to partner with businesses and relevant actors in the aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors, and potentially beyond, that share its vision for revolutionizing travel and connectivity within Cambodia by seaplanes. The company also looks forward to maintaining a positive working relationship with the Royal Group as a commercial partner. Samra Seaplane remains confident in a near-future launch and committed to providing exceptional service to its guests.

About Samra Seaplane

Samra Seaplane, a subsidiary of Seaplane Asia Limited, will offer Cambodia’s first of its kind premium amphibious seaplane service — providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas. A premium service for any holiday makers, groups of friends, families, and the most exclusive VIP treatment for discerned executives and influential persons.

About Seaplane Asia

Seaplane Asia Limited, a pioneering lifestyle aviation enterprise established in 2019, is transforming the industry by providing uniquely memorable experiences to esteemed guests primarily through premium amphibious seaplane operations. Backed by a diverse set of investors, including aviation and business executives and firms, Seaplane Asia executes through its Hong Kong-based holding company, in collaboration with several leading partners, to deliver unparalleled services and world-class expertise.

With a mission to safely transport guests to their destinations while saving them valuable time, Seaplane Asia has established a strong presence in the region. The company’s portfolio includes Siam Seaplane in Thailand, Samra Seaplane in Cambodia, and the lifestyle brand Jetboard Asia, which exclusively distributes high-end electric-powered water sports and boats. Additionally, its Aero Services brands, a distributor for Bose Aviation, also provides consultancy and trade services to the region. There are also preparations ongoing to enter the Indonesian and Philippines markets. With over 60 leading hotel partners, global media coverage, and active regional marketing, Seaplane Asia is poised to make a significant impact in the global market and deliver unrivaled experiences.

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