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Leader Talks: Paul Dodd On Building a Reputation as A Trusted Financial Consultant & Insurance Specialist in Cambodia

Leader Talks: Paul Dodd On Building a Reputation as A Trusted Financial Consultant & Insurance Specialist in Cambodia

Harrison White

Paul Dodd has been Country Director for Infinity Financial Solutions in Cambodia since 2008. During that time, he has built a reputation as Cambodia’s most trusted financial consultant and insurance specialist among the business and expatriate communities. He helps both individual and corporate clients overcome the challenges that they face.

Originally from Chester, UK, where he began working in the financial services industry in 1995, Paul landed in Cambodia in 2008 and has worked as Infinity’s Country Director ever since. He is an extremely active and highly regarded member of the Cambodian business community serving as a current board member at BritCham, former board member at AusCham and Chairman of the IBC Road Safety Subcommittee. He loves the close-knit nature of this community which has enabled him to build a strong network of corporate and individual clients in Phnom Penh and beyond.

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On the B2B side, he specialises in providing tailor-made corporate insurance solutions to many of Cambodia’s most successful and respected businesses.

He offers comprehensive business insurance solutions including property insurance, liability insurance, construction insurance, employee benefits, commercial vehicles, marine and group medical to protect their vital assets and supply chains, comply with legal requirements and conduct business operations with peace of mind. He has also built an extensive direct billing network which is a huge benefit to his clients.

Challenges For The Developing Insurance Industry In Cambodia

Over the years, he has forged close relationships with the HR departments of many of Cambodia’s biggest companies and fulfils a role that extends way beyond simply offering insurance policies.

He works closely with HR directors to help them understand the insurance challenges that they face and ensure that they have comprehensive coverage against all eventualities. He says, “In many ways, I act as an insurance coach, explaining the nitty gritty of each policy, ensuring there are no gaps in coverage and helping companies to avoid some of the most common problems that arise with regard to all types of business insurance from group healthcare plans to professional liability cover.”

Dr. Sok Siphana and Paul Dodd – Country Director for Infinity Financial Solutions in Cambodia.

One of the major challenges for the developing insurance industry in Cambodia is that poor underwriting practices have resulted in underpriced policies, leading to higher claim ratios. Heavily discounted premiums have created a ticking time bomb which could see premiums rise by as much as 40% for certain companies offering group healthcare. Strict employment legislation means that benefits, once given, are difficult to retract and this can cause a financial headache for businesses. With Paul’s extensive experience, he is able to flag these issues in advance to help clients avoid problems of this nature.

In addition to the corporate services he provides, Paul has helped many professional expatriates and their families living in Cambodia to put in place comprehensive insurance to cover every eventuality.  In the expat community he is widely regarded as a steady pair of hands when it comes to assessing insurance needs and providing policies aligned to a person or a family’s individual circumstances. He makes sure that they have all bases covered and will receive swift financial reimbursement whether they face burglary, a breakdown on the road or unforeseen medical treatments.

Navigating The Claims Process Efficiently And Fairly Is Most Important

But finding the right insurance products is often the easy part. Paul explains, “Where I add the most value, and differentiate myself from the competition, is when it comes to making a claim. This is often at life’s most distressing times – when clients are dealing with illness, accidents or damage to their property. I help them to navigate the claims process and ensure that their case is handled efficiently and fairly by the insurer.”

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From coordinating urgent medical evacuations to facilitating access to top-tier specialists and cutting-edge treatments, his extensive network and longstanding partnerships with Cambodia’s leading insurers allow him to advocate for his clients and swiftly address the challenges they face during life’s most dramatic moments.  In short, when the going gets tough, Paul alleviates stress and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Paul told Cambodia Leadership Review: “During my time working in the financial services industry here, I have witnessed huge advances in Cambodia’s economic prospects, with improvements in both quality of life and educational opportunities for many. The country is undoubtedly a great place to live and do business. I’m honoured to provide a safety net to individuals and businesses on the occasions when the not-so-great stuff happens.”

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