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30 Degree Agency Brings International Star MSPUIYI to NagaWorld in a Boost for Phnom Penh’s Entertainment Industry

30 Degree Agency Brings International Star MSPUIYI to NagaWorld in a Boost for Phnom Penh’s Entertainment Industry

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The increasingly vibrant city of Phnom Penh is set to gain further prominence on Southeast Asia’s entertainment map as it prepares to host the regionally-renowned entertainment superstar, MSPUIYI, at NagaWorld. This landmark event, set for June 23 and 24, underlines the Cambodian capital’s escalating reputation as a regional magnet for big-name entertainers.

MSPUIYI, who has seen an astronomical rise in her career, is an international DJ, artist, actress, producer, singer, and influencer. With her audacious foray into DJing, she has already made waves in the industry, finding her name on the FDJ LIST TOP 100 of 2022 within a month of her debut.

Growing influence as a regional hub for world-class entertainment

Commenting on her forthcoming performance, MSPUIYI said, “I am absolutely thrilled to perform in such an iconic location  – NagaWorld in Phnom Penh, for the first time. The city has demonstrated an incredible passion for music, and I am excited to contribute to this dynamic entertainment scene. This event signifies the city’s growing influence as a regional hub for world-class entertainment.”

NagaWorld, situated adjacent to Phnom Penh’s river confluence and the business district, is the largest integrated resort in the Mekong region. With 1658 suites and rooms, over 20 food & beverage outlets, clubs and KTVs, 2 luxury spas, multiple stages for live performances, and the state-of-the-art NABA Theatre alongside events and meeting facilities, it offers a top-tier venue for performers like MSPUIYI and fans alike.

Capacity to accommodate large-scale, international events

Phnom Penh most notably, hosted the 2023 SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games, putting the spotlight on its capacity to accommodate large-scale, international events. The successful execution of these games not only solidified Cambodia’s place on the global sports stage but also boosted its economic and infrastructural development.

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Reflecting on the city’s growing prominence, a local business leader stated, “The arrival of MSPUIYI and the successful execution of the SEA Games serve as a testament to Phnom Penh’s ability to attract world-class events. As we continue to showcase our vibrant culture and hospitality, we look forward to becoming a go-to destination for global stars and fans alike.”

The arrival of MSPUIYI in Phnom Penh is organized by 30 Degree, a leading marketing agency based in Malaysia. Renowned for their passion for creating exceptional experiences and promoting extraordinary destinations, the agency excels in conceptualizing and executing impactful campaigns that resonate with global audiences.

“Our goal is to open up Cambodia to the world by bringing in prominent artists like MSPUIYI. This is just the first of many high-profile events we plan to facilitate, each one aimed at spotlighting Cambodia on the global stage,” shared a representative from 30 Degree Agency.

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