Cambodia Investment Review

Satori Giants Invests in Esports Analytics Startup Gamlytics, Marking Its Entrance into Southeast Asia Market

Satori Giants Invests in Esports Analytics Startup Gamlytics, Marking Its Entrance into Southeast Asia Market

Cambodia Investment Review

Satori Giants, a venture capital and studio platform that launched in November 2023, has officially made its first investment in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem by backing Gamlytics, an innovative esports analytics company. This move is part of Satori Giants’ broader strategy to support radical founders in Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand across various sectors including SaaS, healthcare, gaming, Web3, logistics, e-commerce, and consumer brands.

The venture capital firm is set on transforming the traditional venture capital model by not only providing financial investments but also offering a wealth of resources, a vast network, and extensive expertise to assist businesses in scaling up and achieving successful growth. Satori Giants is especially interested in working with founders who are ready to explore new market possibilities and drive significant expansion in their respective industries.

Commitment To Empowering Startups

Riz Aslam, Max Thornton, Dominic Kalousek, Tan Ser Chhay, and Tommy Sim lead the Satori Giants team, which boasts over 50 years of combined experience in business development and sales across notable international markets including the UK, US, UAE, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. The team emphasizes a hands-on approach to working with startups, aiming to significantly enhance sales strategies and traction by tailoring them to fit local contexts.

The firm’s investment in Gamlytics showcases its commitment to empowering startups at the forefront of technological and strategic innovation. Gamlytics, established by varsity esports veterans, aims to revolutionize esports coaching through statistical analysis similar to the ‘Moneyball’ approach. The B2B platform developed by Gamlytics offers advanced analytics tools designed to improve player performance, strategize gameplay, and optimize team compositions, catering to esports teams across Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Esports, a sector of competitive video gaming at a professional level, has seen exponential growth globally, with players, teams, and organizations vying for prizes, sponsorships, and worldwide acclaim. Gamlytics’ mission aligns with the growing demand for data-driven decision-making in this rapidly expanding industry.

Redefining Venture Capital Support

Casino Apte, CEO & Co-Founder of Gamlytics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Satori Giants, highlighting the firm’s crucial role in closing their first funding round and guiding the company’s strategic direction. Apte anticipates that this collaboration will significantly impact the esports landscape.

Riz Aslam of Satori Giants mirrored this sentiment, noting that Gamlytics represents the epitome of the type of innovative and radical founders the firm aims to support. The Gamlytics team, led by Apte and co-founder Kui Promlumpuk, combines expertise in esports and technological scalability, having backgrounds with leading companies such as Google, Rocket Internet, and TikTok. Aslam believes this blend of leadership, technology, and market potential sets Gamlytics on a path toward remarkable growth and success.

As Satori Giants continues to seek out and support groundbreaking startups in Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand, its investment in Gamlytics marks a significant step forward in its mission to redefine venture capital support for dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs in the region.

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