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Leader Talks: Khorn Chhundara on KOI Thé’s Ten-Year Evolution in Cambodia

Leader Talks: Khorn Chhundara on KOI Thé’s Ten-Year Evolution in Cambodia

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In the past decade, KOI Thé has crafted its niche within Cambodia’s competitive beverage industry through a steadfast commitment to quality, consumer-oriented innovation, and profound community engagement. As the brand celebrates this significant milestone, the company’s CEO Khorn Chhundara spoke with CIR Leader Talks shedding light on the journey thus far and the envisioned path forward amidst the dynamic Cambodian market landscape.

The adaptation to changing consumer preferences has been central to KOI Thé’s strategy explains Chhundara, adding the brand’s approach to continuously introduce new products every quarter demonstrates its ambition to stay relevant and appealing. However, Chhundara emphasizes that the core of their success lies in maintaining the high quality and taste of their products.

“The introduction of new drinks certainly adds an exciting layer to our brand, but it’s the unwavering consistency in quality and taste, diligently upheld by our dedicated employees, that ensures our customers’ loyalty,” he explains. This relentless focus on consistency has been a guiding principle, with the original taste profiles of their tea offerings being preserved since their inception in 2014.

Gearing Up For Further Expansion Across Cambodia

With an eye towards the future, KOI Thé is gearing up for further expansion across Cambodia, focusing on job creation and accessibility. “We’re not just expanding our physical footprint; we’re also investing in the future of our community by creating more jobs and introducing healthier, environmentally friendly product options,” Chhundara notes. The brand’s commitment to innovation extends to its operational processes as well, with plans to leverage new technologies to enhance customer experience and convenience.

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KOI Thé’s Ten-Year Celebration.

Community engagement holds a special place in KOI Thé’s operational ethos. Having supported over 4,000 families affected by flooding over the last decade, KOI Thé’s resolve to contribute to societal welfare remains unwavering. “Our dedication to community engagement is foundational. Over the next decade, we aim to broaden our impact by partnering with more local organizations to support various initiatives,” Chhundara states, underscoring the brand’s commitment to giving back to the Cambodian community.

The global COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges, prompting KOI Thé to adapt swiftly to maintain its market presence and ensure the brand’s growth. “The pandemic forced us to rethink and adapt our strategies rapidly. By bolstering our online presence and partnering with delivery platforms, we ensured our customers continued to enjoy our products safely,” Chhundara reveals. Furthermore, despite the economic downturn, KOI Thé maintained its pricing to keep their offerings accessible, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction and resilience in the face of adversity.

High Service & Product Quality Standards Across All Locations

Today, KOI Thé’s operational landscape in Cambodia is robust, with approximately 500 employees across over 40 outlets. The brand’s notable achievements, including records for the highest single store daily cup sales and operating the world’s largest KOI Thé store, speak volumes of its success. “These milestones are a testament to our team’s hard work and our customers’ unwavering support. They motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries,” Chhundara comments. Maintaining high service and product quality standards across all locations is paramount, achieved through extensive training programs and regular quality audits.

KOI Thé’s Ten-Year Celebration.

As KOI Thé embarks on the next decade, its focus on maintaining quality, driving innovation, and enhancing community engagement positions the brand for sustained growth in Cambodia’s evolving market. Chhundara’s insights highlight a forward-looking strategy that balances growth with social responsibility, setting KOI Thé apart as a brand deeply rooted in the values of quality, innovation, and community.

Some key highlights after the 10 years include:

  • 40+ Stores
  • 600,000,000+ Golden Bubbles Served
  • 280,000+ Mobile App Downloads
  • 87th Largest Tax Paying Entity in 2023
  • ASEAN-CHINA Start-Up Young Entrepreneur Award 2015
  • Best Workplace Award from the Ministry of Tourism
  • Customer’s Best Choice Award from Nham24
  • Most Influential Brand Award from EGets

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