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Inaugural ‘Techpreneur’ Bootcamp Launches In Cambodia To Train Future Tech Leaders In Computer Programming And Entrepreneurship

Inaugural ‘Techpreneur’ Bootcamp Launches In Cambodia To Train Future Tech Leaders In Computer Programming And Entrepreneurship

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In response to the growing demand for tech talent, the Techpreneur Bootcamp has been launched in Cambodia, aiming to provide specialized training in computer programming and entrepreneurship. Co-organized by DICHI Academy and ELIX Organization, in collaboration with the USAID Digital Workforce Development (USAID DWD) project, this nine-month program seeks to address the global shortage of full-stack developers by nurturing a highly skilled talent pool.

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From a competitive pool of over 600 applicants, 30 university students from Phnom Penh were selected to form the first cohort of the Techpreneur Bootcamp. The program will begin this June, with participants undergoing six months of intensive training in full-stack development, followed by three months focused on entrepreneurial skills. The goal is to equip students with the ability to engineer innovative solutions for potential employers.

H.E. So Visothy, Secretary of State of Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

The bootcamp offers a hands-on approach, allowing students to apply their learning through prototype building, mentorship from industry experts, and exclusive job opportunities from 13 career partners. Additionally, graduates will receive industry-recognized certifications.

Technical Talent To Drive Innovation & Economic Growth

Ms. Sivhuang Lay, Managing Director of DICHI Academy, emphasized the program’s importance for Cambodia’s growth. “As Cambodia advances, it will require a pool of dynamic, technical talent to drive innovation and economic growth. Our diverse range of career partners across different industries showcases the unified approach needed to bridge the gap between talent demand and supply.”

USAID Digital Workforce Development Chief of Party, Mr. Chanda Pen.

Full-stack development, a key focus of the bootcamp, encompasses both front-end (user interface) and back-end (behind-the-scenes coding and logic) programming skills. Full-stack developers are highly sought after across various industries due to their comprehensive skill sets, which include proficiency in multiple coding languages and a strong foundation in system design, algorithms, and data management.

DICHI Academy, the exclusive training provider for the bootcamp, is renowned for delivering capacity-building programs to Silicon Valley standards. Their curriculums are designed for the 21st-century digital economy, prioritizing hands-on training that equips students with job-ready skills. The academy’s programs allow students to build technical portfolios and gain practical experience.

An Immense Shortage Of Full-Stack Developers Globally

The USAID Digital Workforce Development project in Cambodia, a five-year initiative funded by USAID through the University of California at Berkeley, aims to develop transferable skills and create internship and scholarship models to increase access to quality certifications and degree programs. The project engages private sector partners to enhance skill development and expand educational opportunities.

The Expert Leadership Innovation Exchange (ELIX) Organization, a local nonprofit, serves as an implementing partner for the USAID DWD project. The organization plays a crucial role in the execution of the Techpreneur Bootcamp, facilitating the collaboration between DICHI Academy and USAID DWD.

DICHI Academy Managing Director, Ms. Sivhuang Lay.

Ms. Lay highlighted the significance of full-stack development skills in today’s job market. “There is an immense shortage of full-stack developers globally. With the growing dependence on technology, technical talent in areas such as coding is becoming invaluable. LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Reports cited full-stack developers as a job with an average annual hiring growth of 35%, spanning industries from software and internet services to financial services and higher education.”

The launch of the Techpreneur Bootcamp is a strategic move to address the shortage of full-stack developers in Cambodia. As high technology, including artificial intelligence, becomes more prevalent, the need for dynamic, technical talent is critical for the country’s advancement in the digital age.

The first cohort of Techpreneurs will embark on their journey this June, setting the stage for a new wave of tech leaders in Cambodia. With comprehensive training and support from industry experts, these students are poised to make significant contributions to the tech industry and drive the country’s economic growth.

9-month program titled the “Techpreneur Bootcamp at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh on June 20th 2024.

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