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Smart Axiata & Three Industry Leaders Unite To Launch Innovative BNPL Service, Propelling Digital Finance Into A New Era

Smart Axiata & Three Industry Leaders Unite To Launch Innovative BNPL Service, Propelling Digital Finance Into A New Era

Cambodia Investment Review

The financial landscape is on the brink of a transformative journey as Smart Axiata, the leading telecommunications company in Cambodia, AMK MFI, a trusted financial institution, Boost, the regional full spectrum fintech arm of Axiata that is headquartered in Malaysia, and Mora, a cutting-edge digital platform, join forces in an unprecedented collaboration. This pioneering partnership aims to introduce a revolutionary Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service, offering customers an unparalleled, seamless and fully digital experience.

This groundbreaking collaboration harnesses the combined strengths of telecommunications, fintech, banking and digital technology, aiming to redefine the way consumers access and utilize purchase Limit. The BNPL services unveiled today promise to be a game-changer, enhancing financial freedom and the shopping experience of consumers.

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What distinguishes this BNPL service is the crucial contribution of Mora, the digital platform provider. Their innovative platform empowers customers to embark on a fully digital journey, starting from purchase limit approval all the way to shopping and checkout. With this seamless experience, customers gain access to purchase limit Purchase Limit and can conveniently purchase products from a wide selection of approved merchants, including Smart.

A Wide Range Of Products To Meet The Diverse Needs Of Customers

Customers who are interested in this service can simply download the Mora BNPL app and provide the necessary information to apply for purchase limit. Once the required information is submitted, customers can confirm their consent for access to information and await confirmation of their purchase limit within 3 working days. Upon receiving confirmation, customers can freely use their purchase limit to make purchases from a wide range of Mora’s partnering merchants.

Smart, as one of the Mora merchants, offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of customers. With their approved purchase limit, customers gain access to an expansive selection of offerings, including new devices with or without annual bundle plans, accessories, IoT devices and the option to subscribe to a long-term Smart Fiber+ plan. This holistic approach grants Smart customers unrivaled flexibility in managing their finances, while they can also enjoy the advantages and savings associated with their purchases from Smart. And this is only the beginning, as the collaborative model is designed in such a way that allows for more partners from the financial ecosystem to join and serve customers.

Advancing Financial Inclusion Through An Ever-Expanding Ecosystem

Boost, the regional fintech leader, takes great pride in advancing financial inclusion through an ever-expanding fintech ecosystem. Through this partnership, the fintech company will provide trusted purchase limit scoring, powered by proprietary algorithmic capabilities to facilitate responsible and accessible financing for Smart’s customers. With AMK MFI’s solid financial backing, customers can confidently access a secure and reliable source of purchase limit for all their shopping needs.

“We are taking one more step in our financial inclusion journey, where we combine efforts with various partners which result in flexible and easy to use services,” said Mila Kusheva, CMO at Smart. “Through our collaboration with AMK MFI, Boost and Mora, we have successfully created a seamless, end-to-end BNPL solution that empowers consumers, enhancing their convenience and enabling a broader range of customers to access finance, thereby supporting economic growth.”

From November 06, 2023, customers will have access to the BNPL service through the Mora BNPL platform. This collaborative endeavor showcases the immense potential of innovation and strategic partnerships in shaping the future of financial services in Cambodia.

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