Belly Burger, Yellow Cab Pizza, and GēGē Kitchen Enter into Landmark Franchise Agreement Marking New Chapter for Leading Food Brands in Cambodia

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In a significant milestone for Cambodia’s expanding food and restaurant industry, three of the Kingdom’s fastest growing food brands—Belly Burger, Yellow Cab Pizza, and GēGē Kitchen—have entered into a pivotal franchise agreement. This accord not only facilitates their national expansion but also underscores the rising influence of these local and international brands in the Cambodian market.

In a joint statement, spokespeople for Belly Burger, Yellow Cab Pizza, and GēGē Kitchen conveyed their excitement for this new venture. “Our much-anticipated franchising opportunities are now open, and we want to extend a warm thank you to our franchisees for their steadfast belief in our brands and products,” the statement read. According to the statement the total location for the three chains will grow from 10 locations in Phnom Penh to a total of 18 chains spread further around the city.

Pioneering a New Food Culture

Reflecting on what makes these brands so appealing to the Cambodian consumers, a company spokesperson told Cambodia Investment Review that Belly Burger has carved a niche for itself by redefining fast food. Shunning frozen ingredients, the company uses fresh Australian beef in its gourmet smash burgers. “We aim to disrupt the fast-food landscape by delivering a premium dining experience at a reasonable price,” they remarked.

Belly Burger in Cambodia is aiming to disrupt the fast-food landscape by delivering a premium dining experience at a reasonable price.

Yellow Cab Pizza has also earned a considerable following with its avant-garde approach to New York-style pizza. Fusing innovative toppings with premium ingredients, the company provides a unique culinary experience. “Every slice of our pizza represents a promise of quality and innovation. We’re eager to share this culinary journey with more consumers through our franchising initiative,” said a spokesperson for Yellow Cab Pizza.

GēGē Kitchen is making waves in the Chinese hot pot sector by blending affordability with premium quality. “Our hot pot sets start at an approachable $5.80, offering customers a high-quality experience without a heavy price tag. We’re thrilled to introduce this concept to additional locations across Cambodia,” a GēGē Kitchen representative said.

Strategic Expansion and Customer Convenience

This franchising agreement presents a new opportunity for these brands to broaden their market footprint across Cambodia. The move promises not just corporate benefits but also increased convenience for customers. With new outlets planned across strategic locations, access to these popular eateries is expected to become easier than ever.

Belly Burger, Yellow Cab Pizza, and GēGē Kitchen franchise agreement on September 02, 2023.

“None of this expansion would be feasible without our devoted customers. We owe an immense thank you to everyone who has played a part in our success so far. As we grow, we look forward to serving you in many more locations across the Kingdom,” the joint statement from the companies emphasized.

This latest move is more than just a business development—it’s a testament to the rising prominence of Belly Burger, Yellow Cab Pizza, and GēGē Kitchen in Cambodia’s fast-growing food and restaurant landscape. As they embark on this new chapter, the future looks promising for these brands, setting them on a course to continue expanding into Cambodia’s culinary scene for years to come.

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