CCCS22 becomes Cambodia’first-ever climate change summit to completely off-set its own carbon footprint

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The last day of the Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2022 (CCCS22) launched into action with an electric vehicle (EV) demo for attendees, a Youth Summit dedicated to providing young people with a voice on climate change action, and unprecedented tree planting activities which will negate the carbon impact of the event on the climate.

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Director General of Mekong Future Initiative, Allen Dodgson Tan said, “It is my great pleasure to be holding the first in-person CCCS22 and the first-ever climate conference which has been carbon offset.”

“This event will see some 2000 trees planted as part of the summit with thanks to our partner, the Apsara Authority. Our carbon off-setting tree planting activities are based upon the number of estimated travel by participants, nights in hotels around Siem Reap, meals, and conference facility use,” Tan said.

He added that the CCCS22 strategy, which has a minimized eco-impact, has been supported by its valued partners, Forte, Smart, and Heineken, who have also demonstrated their steps toward sustainability in Cambodia during the event.

Apsara Authority we will be planting nearly 2000 trees

Organized by the Ministry of Environment in partnership with Mekong Future Initiative, the Cambodian Youth Summit served to highlight young people’s perspective on environmental strategy and how to mitigate climate change.

The Youth Summit included talks on the Role of Project Green Group in using Social & Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) Toolkits and a Campaign by USAID Cambodia Green Futures Activity. 

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Over 2000 sapling trees were planted in Siem Reap.

The event also showcased talks on Cambodian Youths’ Contribution to Promoting Sustainability, delivered by the Asian Vision Institute.

In addition, a panel discussion on Climate Action Movers Workshop was delivered through Impact Hub, focusing on Sustainable Development Goal 17 and Tonle Sap & Mekong River Confluences: Youth’s Perspectives on Livelihoods & Sustainability, in partnership with Oxfam’s Khmeng Prey project.

Act on our ambitions for climate mitigation

Speaking at the Youth Summit, Ching Kuoy – the representative of Kmeng Prei Youth Group – said, “this event will highlight the challenge of climate change.”

“We hope this event will help create policy change which will allow us to act on our ambitions for climate mitigation. Also, personally, I will use this event to help me learn about policies and educate myself. I can use this to solve the problems in the projects in which we are involved,” Ching Kuoy added.

The entrance mural to CCCS22 in Siem Reap.

Mekong Future Initiative’s Kanitha Sann, said, “Youth is the next generation and if we are the ones to take action then we need to set a precedent on climate change to combat the challenges before us.”

“70 percent of the population is under 30 in Cambodia, so it’s integral to involve young people in action on climate change,” she added.

“We are also really grateful to PEPY Empowering Youth for providing the volunteers to join the summit. We are very grateful to some 100 students who got involved in Siem Reap and were part of climate change action in Cambodia,” said Mekong Future Initiative organizer,” Shauna O Mahony commented.

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