Z1 FINANCIAL launches its Digital Investment Platform for physical real estate and digital assets

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Z1 FINANCIAL – a subsidiary of the Zillennium Group – one of the largest conglomerates in Cambodia focusing on real estate development, has launched a Digital Investment Platform aiming to revolutionize real estate investments using blockchain technology. 

Z1 FINANCIAL allows users to transact on the platform using its utility token called ZTU (Zillion Trust Unit) as an offering with a limited supply of 369 billion ZTU tokens. 

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review, Chairman and CEO of Z1 FINANCIAL, Mr. Sokheng Say described the company that was incorporated in Singapore in June 2021 as “a Digital Investment Platform that provides access to different investment portfolios in the Cambodian and Global Real Estate markets by utilizing blockchain technology and the existing ecosystem”.

It was founded according to Sokheng to “maximize the highest values of financial freedom around the globe” and further explains “we want to help people to generate more income through real estate investment by bridging the physical world to the digital world through the introduction of Tokenization, Project Staking, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplace and Metaverse”.

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The Zillennium ecosystem the Cambodian marketplace. The group comprises more than 30 companies.

Within a year of operation, Z1 FINANCIAL has attracted global investors from 15 other countries including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Spain, South Korea, China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Zillennium Group ecosystem owns many high-profile international brands that drive a prestigious group reputation in the Cambodian marketplace. The group comprises more than 30 companies, naming a few including Century 21 Cambodia, ERA Cambodia, Coldwell Banker Cambodia, Chestertons Cambodia and Pizza Hut Cambodia with over 10 real estate solution companies tailored to a single common objective – to provide one-stop-shop solutions for property-related in Cambodia.

Z1 FINANCIAL Business Model 

From a PR side at least the Chairman and CEO acknowledged that there was still a lot of education needed within the sector adding: “Since this blockchain technology is still new to the world, including Cambodia, people must be well educated, experience how it works, and see the benefits. What we aim to do is to simplify this process and make it so user-friendly that people do not have to worry about the technology side”.

While not the first company in the world to do this, according to the Chairman and CEO of Z1 FINANCIAL, they are the first in South East Asia to utilize the technology for property investments, with the core tenets being “Innovative, Nurturing, Virtuous, Excellence, Simplicity and Transparency”. 

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Z1 FINANCIAL will mainly derive profits through charging transaction and management fees to its investors as well as receiving success fees and advisory fees from the real estate developers and property owners.

Investors can invest with Z1 FINANCIAL starting with just $100. The investment process seems relatively simple. The user first registers via the Z1 FINANCIAL website, or mobile application, after which they are required to fill out a KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) form – a system to combat money laundering and other illegal activities.

Z1 FINANCIAL is working worth partners create new projects.

The user is then free to purchase ZTU before being able to access various investment products via traditional currencies such as the US Dollar, or via digital assets which will be stored in the blockchain ledger.

ZTU’s can be used to invest in development projects for a fixed return of up to 18% Annual Profit Yield (APY) through Project Staking or invest in whole or fraction of real estate, arts and various types of entertainment through our NFT Marketplace.

Changing how investment is raised in Cambodia

It was through this blockchain technology that the company felt it could really impact real estate investments with Sokheng stating: “Real estate is the largest asset class in the world and one of the last to adopt technological change. What people don’t realize is that through this technology we can lower the capital requirements, increase liquidity and diversification, allow access to global properties and most importantly, make the whole process much simpler and faster”.

From a Cambodia-centric point of view, the company was also offering a new route of investment, particularly for foreigners, with Sokheng stating: “When you buy a digital asset with Z1 FINANCIAL, a physical asset also belongs to you. “The property is locally held by Zillion Trust Plc, a licensed trustee in Cambodia. This in itself gives foreigners more opportunities to invest in Cambodian real estate,” he added.

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