Cambodia Securities Exchange commemorates 10th anniversary

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Cambodia Securities Exchange has held its annual conference marking the exchange’s tenth year of operation bringing together both government and private sector stakeholders for an awards and celebration ceremony.

The celebration also officially launched the CSX Mobile Trading application as well as hosted a panel discussion on strategies to continue developing the market. To read more about the CSX Mobile Trading App click here.

CSX ready for the next 10 years 

The event was launched by the Ministry of Economy and Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister H.E. Aun Pornonmith who in his keynote speech outlined that the securities sector would be playing a greater role in boosting the kingdom’s economic development in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.

“The event marks another historic milestone for the CSX, which has promoted the development of the national economy over the past decade, and I foresee that this market will contribute bigger to the growth in the future,” he said.

Cambodia Securities Exchange Chief Executive Officer H.E. Hong Sok Hour said it was a historic event as we host the National Conference on the Cambodia Securities Exchange, themed: “A Decade of Market Emergence and Ways Forward” – as we mark the 10th anniversary of CSX.

“Moving forward, we should create a common dream – and that common dream is to build a stock market with a trading volume of $50 million a day within the next six to seven years,” he said. To read more about H.E. Hong Sok Hour’s long-term plans for the exchange click here.

Securities Exchange Regulator of Cambodia Director General H.E. Sou Socheat on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of CSX.

“I am optimistic that CSX will have more companies to list, and for more active trading activities in the market to achieve the expected high-yield results, as well as to compete with the ASEAN markets. The development of the securities market requires the participation of everyone,” he said.

Key players awarded

In addition, to celebrate the development of the local securities market the exchange also selected several organizations for their work throughout the past decade of operations.

The most popular and traded main board stock was awarded to Acleda Bank, the most popular growth board stock was DBD Engineering and the best stock of the decade was awarded to Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority.

The best underwriters for the market were selected as Yuanta Securities and the best bond provider was chosen as SBI Royal Securities.

Cambodia Investment Review was also named one of three publications awarded for outstanding journalism related to Cambodia’s securities market. All awardees were selected through a criteria process.

Developing the market

Cambodia’s stock market currently has seven main board and two growth board listed companies – which is lower than the predicted outcome when the exchange was first launched with assistance from the Korean Stock Market also taking a 45% share.

Some of the key challenges for the market include getting more companies to list, educating the Cambodian population on the benefits of investing in the market, and attracting more international firms to invest.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has earmarked the first issue of government bonds to be available this year – however, has not detailed what market rate or term period will be offered.

According to the latest figures, investors have traded a record $27.4 million in equities on Cambodia’s Securities Exchange for the first quarter of 2022, increasing 221% from $8.5 million in the same period of 2021.

Official CSX quarterly statistics commented that 97% of trade was from local investors and 91% were individual with Acleda Bank bar far the most traded stock with over $22.03 million a 1231% year-on-year increase. To read more about the Q1’22 CSX trading figures click here.

According to the non-banking regulator SERC from 2020 to 2021, the trading value on the local stock market increased by 127.21% while the trading volume increased by 396.34%. As of April 2022, capital markets have provided capital to the state-owned enterprise and corporations in Cambodia worth approximately $281.8 million.

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