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CSX launch updated Mobile Trading System

CSX launch updated Mobile Trading System

Harrison White

Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) have launched an upgraded the version of current mobile trading system (Mobile Trading System – MTS) tightening security features, offering a better design and higher system capacity.

The web-based type that integrates into mobile application that runs on both iOS and Android platform. This mobile application was developed entirely by the technical team of CSX.

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review Seng Chan Thoeun, Chief Executive Officer at SBI Royal Securities said this updated version will increase the potential of this mobile CSX trade for retail investors.

“This [updated application] will enhance the efficiency of trading and improve the liquidity. We plan to introduce this app to our investors and I am sure they will install and use it. That said, we will use this app before the market allows us to have our own trading app under our SBI Royal Securities logo,” he added.

In a statement by the CSX, through this mobile application, investors can place buy-sell orders; check securities transaction, check securities and cash balance and receive market information, listed company’s disclosures and other market data.

The development of this mobile application is another stepping stone in Cambodia Securities Exchange to support the development growth of Cambodian securities market, and the increase of both new listed companies and investors in which this mobile application will become a driving force in promoting the growth of trading and liquidity in Cambodia Securities Market, they added.


Part of the 2022 strategic agenda

Cambodia Investment Review has previously reported on the exchanges 2022 annual strategic outlook highlighting the exchange is projected to list eight more firms, provide more trading functions and strengthen information networks.

The CSX noted that they are “foreseeing” tax breaks for listed companies to be extended into 2022 forecasting five stocks and three bonds will be added to the current six bonds and eight stocks listed.

The CSX will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year as still one of the smallest market caps in the world.

The exchange has struggled to attract listings and is hampered by low liquidity levels. However, increasing awareness by local and international investors as well generous tax incentives is making the exchange more attractive.

Total trading on Cambodia’s stock market hit $23.9 million during the fourth quarter of 2021 – a 609% increase year-on-year as the exchange hit a total market capitalization of $1.75 billion down 26% over the same period.

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