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$27.4M traded on Cambodia’s stock exchange in Q1

$27.4M traded on Cambodia’s stock exchange in Q1

Harrison White

Investors have traded a record $27.4 million in equities on Cambodia’s Securities Exchange for the first quarter of 2022, increasing 221% from $8.5 million in the same period of 2021.

According to official CSX quarterly statistics 97% of trade was from local investors and 91% where individual with Acleda Bank bar far the most traded stock with over $22.03 million a 1231% year-on-year increase.

In comparison the Malaysian transmission provider PESTECH Cambodia recorded the smallest number of trade with KHR 514 million ($125,699). There is currently nine stocks listed on the CSX, seven on the main board and two on the growth board with a combined market capitalization of $2.1 billion.

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CSX looking to attract more listed companies

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review CSX Director Kim Sophanita reflected on the increase stating: “The three times increase of trading value was indeed a significant achievement to be satisfied with; nevertheless, this is not our ultimate goal. We want superficial peaks but prefer a sustainable growth in trading performance.”

“Works have been put into improving the public awareness and acquire more traction from public participants in Cambodia and abroad,” she added.

Kim reflected on the lack of listed companies on the main board over the last 12 months stating: “It is true that CSX has not gained any new Main Board stocks for over a year; this was mostly owing to the major spikes of COVID-19 cases in 2021, which led firms to rethink their timing for IPO fillings due to the risks of a lowered valuation.”

“However, the CSX anticipates a better outlook in 2022 as national restrictions are repealed, tax incentives are extended, and businesses begin to return to normal. The CSX has been putting together digital and physical campaigns to boost new listings,” she added.

According to the non-banking regulator SERC from 2020 to 2021, the trading value on the local stock market increased by 127.21% while the trading volume increased by 396.34%. As of April 2022, capital markets have provided capital to the state-owned enterprise and corporations in Cambodia worth approximately $281.8 million.

As of Q1 2022, SERC has issued 31,640 Investor IDs of which 4,461 are foreigners. “So, I strongly believe that under this cooperation, the market trading activities will be more active and we will also be able to attract more funds from abroad to Cambodia,” SERC Director General Sou Soucheat said. 

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Acleda Securities wins ‘Best Securities Broker Award’ for Q1

The Cambodia Securities Exchanges quarterly broker award was again given to Acleda Securities who has now won the most awards among the 11 securities broker members based on the comprehensive review on three criteria.

The award is given after calculating trading value a t60% and 40% for the amount of new account opened as well as its Mobile Trading System usage.

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In the first quarter of 2022, Acleda Securities investors accounted for approximately 94.11% of total securities trading value and 81% of new trading accounts crated. The total trading value placed through the trading app by Acleda Securities investors reaches $8.39 million, and the number of new online accounts was over 85% of the total new accounts created in the given period.

The Best Securities Broker Award Program aims to acknowledge the most outstanding securities brokerage company at each quarter for their service provision in intermediating investor’s trade.

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