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Phnom Penh’s premier multi-purpose development project – One Park Residence & Serviced Apartment – offers lifestyle and convenience to international investors.

With a total area structure of 320,000 square meters living, working, playing, learning, and shopping come together, with the uniqueness of its 45% of greenery surface areas and the city’s largest swimming pool.

The development consists of a well-equipped smart city concept office, the upscale retail district called THE LANE, the highest level of Singapore’s international education, a remarkable exclusive five-star Hotel, and Serviced Apartments.

One Park located in developing business and commercial district supports long-term investment

One Park is strategically located in the heart of Phnom Penh’s urban development, the rising district of Phnom Penh City Centre, which is poised to become Phnom Penh’s main business and commercial district.

Its location allows easy access to key areas of the city – Bang Koeung Kang, Tuol Kork, Daun Penh, and Sensok districts. In addition, it is a short walk away from the key government offices such as the Peace Palace, the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as Council of Ministers’ Office.

One Park will continue to flourish due to its facilities and location. Currently, it is the only development project in Phnom Penh offering the concept of living closer to nature amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

In terms of long-term investment, One Park will remain as one of the best investment opportunities since One Park’s location is in Phnom Penh City Centre which will be the main focus of the short and long-term development in the heart of Phnom Penh.

Smart city concept and unique features equipped for One Park

One Park is a lifestyle development project consisting of office buildings with a smart city concept well equipped with the latest technologies which provide companies easy access and control, and tools to develop businesses.

Upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment are available in the retail district called “THE LANE”, which is recently soft-launched in the countdown day for the year 2022.

Besides, there is the Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA) provides the highest level of international education to both foreign and local students children.

In addition, the Oakwood Premier Phnom Penh Hotel and Serviced Apartments which will be opening soon will set a remarkable exclusive five-star global standard of facilities and services that will provide the value of living and lifestyle.

On top of it, One Park’s uniqueness includes 33,000 sqm of greens and landscaped gardens, out of its total surface area, 45% of which is dedicated to greens, and the city’s biggest free-form swimming pool.

A clubhouse with a multi-function event area, rooftop terrace, fitness club and recreation facilities, all-day dining with breakfast buffet, and a lounge are also available to serve residents to enjoy their life at One Park with comfort and luxury.

More than just residential property, with a dedication on top property and asset management

One Park objective is not just running a residential property but aims to provide a five-star level of hospitality service to all our guests and residents. 

All One Park’s residents, both owners and leasers, are satisfied with the facilities and asset management including maintenance of garden landscapes, interior and exterior, MEP systems, and security and cleaning services as assessed based on the comments from guests which puts One Park on a different level compared to other properties.

The most significant difference between One Park and other properties is the professional and international standard Property Management Team – “PIVOTA,” one of the leading property management companies in Cambodia, managing One Park with its highest global standards, multinational experience, and renowned management team. 

In addition, One Park currently offers a bespoke package for the clients whereby there are design inspiration offers for the condominium buyers with designs and décor tailored according to their passion and personality. 

Post-pandemic’s reposition of One Park

The One Park development is in progress and due for completion next year including the Oakwood Premier Phnom Penh which is due to open in May 2022.

Its main focus will be service quality, to meet the high expectations of the clients and provide the best condominium and serviced apartment experience in the city.

Especially during the COVID-19 situation, One Park and PIVOTA are focused on the implementation and maintenance of Safety and Hygiene protocols through strict control of access points, pest control, and rooms and public area sanitation.

The business including sales and leases has been continuously doing well even during the pandemic.

The retail street called “THE LANE” is being prepared to boost up with retail leasing is driving special retail offers.

In addition, construction and fit-out of retail spaces are ongoing with various well-known multinational brands as well as independent companies in Cambodia, representing a range of industries. 

Community-wide events are planned for the next year in collaboration with SCIA, Oakwood, and the array of retail businesses at One Park, as well as the business chambers in Cambodia, and other businesses who are attuned to the same goals and visions as One Park’s.

Welcome for investors to One Park exploration

One Park has a very wide reach and variety of interactions with the media, business chambers, as well as social associations.

Various chambers including American Chamber of Commerce, the International Business Chamber of Cambodia, European Chamber of Commerce, and Korean Chamber of Commerce, among others, work together to have a few events planned such as Jazz Pool Festival, Women’s Business Club gathering, and other children and family events in collaboration with international schools and family-oriented associations.

One Park is able to cater to all these gatherings and events due to the size, environment, and location of the property.

The Sales Center is located at the One Park office building, at the entrance of the complex, for buying or leasing, and is ready to show the clients and let the clients experience and explore a different ambiance at the One Park complex with our showrooms and common areas.

In summation, One Park is the best choice for any investors, be it for living in or leasing out due to the location, facilities, and luxurious, five-star level service provided.

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