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Panasonic Sets the Stage for Youth Development: Launches Kid Witness News Global Program in Cambodia

Panasonic Sets the Stage for Youth Development: Launches Kid Witness News Global Program in Cambodia

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Panasonic Cambodia is leading an initiative to help drive youth development and empowerment in the Kingdom – through Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Program. Launched at the Singapore Cambodia International Academy (SCIA) in Phnom Penh, the program aims to create a shift in the academic and creative landscapes for Cambodia’s young generation.

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The KWN Global Program is an international filmmaking competition conducted by Panasonic, engaging students between 10 and 18 years. It develops talents with an exclusive opportunity to collaborate with established filmmakers and photographers while making use of professional Panasonic LUMIX camera equipment. The program aims to help the younger generation articulate their viewpoints on environmental concerns and sustainable development, fostering integral soft skills including creativity, communication, and teamwork in the process.

SCIA is the inaugural Cambodian school

Panasonic Cambodia Team explaining the criteria and benefits of the KWN Global Competition to SCIA students.

SCIA has been chosen as the inaugural Cambodian school to represent the KWN Global Program. The school will create a short film for the primary category, receiving free rental of Panasonic’s cutting-edge video shooting equipment during the film-making period. Panasonic Cambodia will further enrich this learning experience with insightful lectures on the operation of the equipment and essential guidance on video filmmaking procedures.

Professional Camera and Filmmaking – Training by Mr. Jerry Thai.

The young participants will craft their films around themes derived from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This alignment provides a crucial platform for discussing pertinent global issues and fostering insightful dialogues through the medium of film.

Yasunobu Matsumoto, the Country Head of Panasonic Cambodia, expressed his optimism and pride during the launch. He remarked, “Launching the KWN Global program in Cambodia for the first time is a historic moment. Panasonic aims to empower the future leaders of Cambodia by providing them a platform to express their views on social and global issues through the powerful medium of filmmaking. We earnestly hope that the talented students of SCIA will clinch the KWN 2023 title, making Cambodia and Panasonic exceedingly proud.”

Yasunobu Matsumoto -Panasonic Country Head addressing the gathering.

Creating positive societal impacts in Cambodia

The competition is far from being exclusive to primary students. Panasonic Cambodia is also inviting secondary school students aged between 15 to 18 years to participate, with enrollment open until June 30th, 2023. Interested candidate schools shall send a request email to before the deadline.

Since its inception in 1989, the KWN program has expanded its reach to 35 countries, involving an impressive count of 185,000 students and teachers who have collectively created a library of over 10,000 short films.

 Panasonic Cambodia is assisting to develop a new era of empowerment and opportunity for the youth. Through initiatives like the KWN, the company is playing a significant role in enabling students and young people to voice their perspectives, sharpen their skills, and present their creative prowess on an international platform.

About Panasonic Cambodia

Founded in 2010, Panasonic Cambodia is the official representative of Panasonic Singapore, responsible for marketing, after-sales service & repair for Panasonic products in Cambodia. For more information, please visit the Panasonic Cambodia website.

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