MPTC Launches Reality Show ‘Digital Talents’ to Drive Digital Workforce

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A groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering Cambodian youth with digital skills, “Digital Talents”, has been launched by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPTC). The reality competition show was unveiled at a grand ceremony at the MPTC Grand Hall, marking a significant milestone in the digital progression of Cambodia’s next generation.

The MPTC, has been consistently advocated for digital empowerment and the cultivation of a tech-literate society. “Digital Talents” is a strategic project of this intent. One of the show judges, Mr. Chin Thomith, expressed his enthusiasm about the innovative competition: “Digital Talents is more than just a competition. It is a transformative platform designed to empower our students, equipping them with the digital skills they need to navigate and thrive in the modern world.”

The launch event brought together the digital ecosystem, showcasing an introduction of “Digital Talents”, its judges, the history of its creation, and expressions of support from all stakeholders. The audience was also offered a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the show’s host, judges, and key figures including H.E. So Visothy, Secretary of State to the MPTC, and H.E. Dr. Chea Vandeth, Minister of the MPTC.

MPTC commitment to digital empowerment

Dr. Chea Vandeth stressed the importance of this initiative, stating, “Digital Talents is a testament to our commitment to digital empowerment. We believe in the potential of our youth and eagerly anticipate their growth and prowess in the digital landscape through this platform.”

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With a focus on providing students with crucial digital skills in an increasingly technology-driven world, “Digital Talents” is set to redefine the educational landscape. This pioneering competition extends an opportunity to students from diverse backgrounds to unleash their potential and explore their aptitude in digital fields.

and H.E. Dr. Chea Vandeth, Minister of the MPTC.

The launch event also presented networking opportunities for industry professionals, sponsors, educators, and media representatives, displaying the potential of students and partners involved in the show. The ceremony highlighted the capabilities of stakeholders to support new initiatives that would positively impact Cambodia’s future.

Scheduled to air on the MPTC’s Facebook page and produced by iDEN Agency for broadcast on BTV, “Digital Talents” has received an overwhelmingly positive response and support from leading industry sponsors and partners, including Huawei and Smart Axiata, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of digital professionals.

Further enable the digital ecosystem

Sovann Yao, CEO of Huawei Cambodia, spoke to the Cambodia Investment Review, stating, “Digital talents are a key factor for the country succeeding in its digital transformation agenda. We at Huawei believe in collective efforts for the betterment of the digital ecosystem and the country. This is our first involvement in such an initiative, and we are excited to work with the MPTC and local enterprises to further enable the digital ecosystem.”

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Echoing similar sentiments, Chem Srey Oeun, Head of Corporate Affairs at Smart Axiata, shared, “We are really pleased and excited to kick off this program. We envisage that a large number of high school students will be exposed to diverse digital skills and be able to build their knowledge.”

The event was attended by leading stakeholders in the industry as well as university students.

She encouraged everyone, especially high school students, to join and tune in when the program is aired, adding, “Watching the program and sharing the content on social media will help us and others to think about new ideas and potential innovations. Most importantly, make your future self, proud of what you are doing today.”

Applications for “Digital Talents” will remain open from June 2nd, 2023, until June 19th, 2023. Winners will receive a cash prize along with a four-year full-time undergraduate scholarship to the American University of Phnom Penh, further accentuating the commitment to promoting digital literacy in Cambodia. Click here to register:

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