B2B Cambodia Announces Revamped Platform and Launching of Cambodia Business Awards 2023

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B2B Cambodia has announced plans to relaunch its platform with a renewed focus on Cambodia’s burgeoning capital markets for local and international investors. Established in 2010, the revamped platform will provide business owners and managers with comprehensive information and practical advice, empowering them to navigate the complexities of achieving their business objectives.

Alongside the platform relaunch, B2B Cambodia is introducing the annual Cambodia Business Awards 2023 to recognize excellence in the country’s business community.

Imminent and rapid expansion of Cambodia’s capital markets

The announcement follows the Cambodia Investment Review’s report in December 2022 that Singapore-based venture capital firm Tanncam Investment acquired a stake in Cambodian property classifieds and sales agency, as well as Fazwaz (Cambodia).

The acquisition was made through Australian-based digital property company Digital Classified Group (DCG), which operates a portfolio of online real estate and general classified companies in frontier and emerging markets. Tom O’Sullivan leads the two Cambodian companies under DCG’s umbrella.

Anthony Galliano, Director of Tanncam Investment Pte. Ltd. and CEO of Cambodian Investment Management.

During a press conference at the office in Phnom Penh, Anthony Galliano, Director of Tanncam Investment Pte. Ltd. and CEO of Cambodian Investment Management, shared the revamped vision for B2B Cambodia.

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He stressed the importance of providing live financial data on Cambodia’s evolving capital markets, including information on the Cambodia Stock Exchange, index performance, listed stock and bond movements, active stocks and bonds, and largest movers.

Galliano expressed confidence in the imminent rapid expansion of Cambodia’s capital markets and emphasized B2B Cambodia’s role in disseminating market information, delivering valuable content on major stories, and educating the public on market operations.

Sarvinoz Nuritdinova, the recently appointed CEO of B2B Cambodia.

In response to the increasing demand for concise and easily accessible information, B2B Cambodia will concentrate on video content distribution. The platform plans to develop special segments featuring market professionals and leaders, such as daily market wraps, CEO of the week interviews, company showcases, and more.

According to Galliano, the platform will initially operate at a loss until the product is market-ready, before transitioning to a traditional advertisement and sponsored content model commonly seen in the Cambodian media landscape. B2B Cambodia has no plans to introduce a paywall or subscription model.

B2B Cambodia announced the Cambodia Business Awards 2023

Sarvinoz Nuritdinova, the recently appointed CEO of B2B, added, “We will be implementing new technical features that leverage innovative AI tools, informative newsletters, new social media platforms, and audience interaction platforms such as Telegram. We will also regularly share video highlights of key business meetings, while actively absorbing customer feedback and demands.”

Alongside the platform relaunch, B2B Cambodia announced the Cambodia Business Awards 2023, an initiative aimed at acknowledging excellence in the Cambodian business community. Tom O’Sullivan, CEO of, stated that the awards will partner with key business governing bodies, chambers of commerce, and leading media as core partners.

Tom O’Sullivan, CEO of

The annual event is organized by in collaboration with The Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, The Real Estate Business and Pawnshop Regulator of Cambodia, and the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association.

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The 2023 awards ceremony saw the participation of over 500 real estate professionals from the country’s industry. Nominees and award recipients were evaluated based on their industry leadership, innovation, business growth, impact, and overall excellence.

The event was attended by several leading media stakeholders in Cambodia.

With its revamped platform and initiatives like the Cambodia Business Awards 2023, B2B Cambodia aspires to play a pivotal role in fostering the growth of Cambodia’s capital markets by providing essential information and market updates to investors and businesses alike.

The platform’s commitment to enhancing the visibility of Cambodia’s financial markets will contribute to the country’s ongoing economic growth and development.

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