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Tanncam Investment buys stake in and Fazwaz (Cambodia)

Tanncam Investment buys stake in and Fazwaz (Cambodia)

Cambodia Investment Review

Singapore-based venture capital firm Tanncam Investment has bought a stake in the well-known Cambodian property classifieds and sales agency and Fazwaz (Cambodia) via the Australian-based digital property company Digital Classified Group (DCG).

Cambodian Investment Management acted as the liaison and financial adviser on the transaction for Tanncam Investment which also owns a stake in Vibe Cafe Hospitality Co Ltd, a health food restaurant operator and wholesale distributor, and restaurants Vibe Cafe and Backyard Cafe, respectively.

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DCG is the operator of a portfolio of online real estate and general classified companies in frontier and emerging markets with its two Cambodian companies being led by Tom O’Sullivan who has launched DCG’s various events such as the Cambodian Home & Lifestyle Show, and founded the Cambodian Real Estate Awards.

DCG’s companies and brands include:

  • (Cambodia)
  • Fazwaz (Cambodia)
  • (Papua New Guinea)
  • marketmeri (Papua New Guinea)
  • (Laos)
  • (Laos)
  • (Fiji)

Tanncam a sophisticated and well-known established investor

DCG Group CEO Mathew Care said about the investment: “These are very exciting times for our group as the businesses have regained traction post-Covid and we are experiencing strong and robust growth and substantial improvement in the fundamentals of our portfolio.”

“We welcome Tanncam as a shareholder as they are a sophisticated and well-known established investor. We have no doubts that they will successfully contribute to our future aspirations and strategic objectives,” he added.

Anthony Galliano delivering a keynote at the 2022 Real Estate Expo.

According to a company statement, DCG has a track record of developing dominant property classifieds in frontier markets since 2013, and in recent years has transitioned its business model from advertising to transactional services to accelerate its growth.

This investment consolidates DCG position in all markets as the leading operator of property classifieds in Asian frontier markets, the company added.

DCG has a unique ability to enter emerging and frontier markets

Anthony Galliano, Director of Tanncam Investment Pte. Ltd. and CEO of Cambodian Investment Management further commented, “We believe DCG has demonstrated a unique ability to enter emerging and frontier markets and create a dominant position in their space. We are investing in what we believe is a very promising future, a strong management team, and a successful portfolio ripe for continued growth.

“DCG is on the precipice of another leg of its incredible journey and we are happy to contribute to this,” he added.

Anthony who is the current AmCham Cambodia president will serve on the board of Digital Classified Group, subject to regulatory approvals.

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