CCCS22 Expo showcases businesses and organizations taking on the challenge of environmental protection

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Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2022 (CCCS22) has featured a flagship exhibition with local and international businesses, organizations, and partners, all showcasing their innovative efforts to create and deliver sustainable products and projects within the Kingdom.

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Running a stall at the expo, CEO of Eco Green Energy Cambodia (EGE) Vorn Chanraksmey said EGE is very pleased to be involved in CCCS22.

“Being involved in the solar energy sector, we are passionate about mitigating the effects of climate change, which is a major issue in the world right now. We provide clean energy to farmers, locals and more. In the past, our activities have contributed significantly to the green development of the agricultural economy. We must demonstrate our potential to contribute as companies that provide clean energy services, and the value we can bring in socio-economic development,” Vorn Chanraksmey said.

“From solar pumping systems for agriculture to off-grid solar systems in rural areas, our work has contributed significantly not only to the mitigation of climate change but to the development of agriculture, aquaculture and daily life,” he added.

A great opportunity to learn and network

Representing iDE at the expo, Director of the Cambodia Agribusiness Development Facility (CADF) Khong Sophoan said they are very happy to be attending this year’s CCCS22.

“This event presents a great opportunity to learn and to network. We strongly align with the values of sustainability in our work and therefore this is a great opportunity to find out what priority and action we should take in the future,” Khong Sophoan said.

In addition to agricultural inputs and practices that are directly relevant to climate change adaptation and mitigation, various environmentally-sound agricultural practices are being explored, trailed, and promoted through our project.

EV busses were featured at the CCCS22.

These include environmentally-sound use of pesticides, including proper disposal of wash water and containers, net and ‘pergola’ trellising systems resistant to wind damage, rice straw application as an alternative to agricultural plastic mulching film.

In addition, trialling compostable plastic mulching film, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, are also being explored including regular crop scouting for pests and diseases, and use of bio-pesticides, crop diversification, and ‘Crop rotation as a Technology, soil building; composting and mobile solar pumping for watering, allowing rotation to various farm plots.

Mitigating climate change SBCC

Youth Summit Representative Pheakdey Mengsrean said she is proud to be joining the Expo event to talk about her involvement with a USAID Green Future Cambodia project, which helps mitigate climate change through social, behavioral, change and communication (SBCC).

“We have three main activities under SBCC. Firstly, in Cambodia, we have a big problem with people cutting down trees to make luxury furniture. This threatens the forests in this country. Through SBCC we make people aware that if they purchase luxury furniture, they are meaning more people will cut down more trees. So, we aim to change people’s perception to reduce demand,” Pheakdey Mengsrean said.

Reusable batteries for scooters were featured in the expo.

“Secondly, we are running a project with students to reduce buying and eating bush meat. This has been done by creating video and social media content with calls to action. This project is also called Sai as a key influencer to reach out to the youth. Next, we plan to launch a litter reduction campaign which is scheduled for the end of this year,” she added.

Raise awareness about impacts of climate changes

Oxfam, who had multiple involvements in the event as one of the partners, said the organization has a long history of working on climate change, promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The National Director of Oxfam in Cambodia, Ms. Sophoan Phean, said: “At the CCCS22, Oxfam hosts a paralleled discussion to raise awareness about impacts of climate changes and human-made activities on the Mekong’s ecosystem and aquatic resources and call for a joint effort to safeguard the Mekong’s ecosystems and aquatic resources.”

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he National Director of Oxfam in Cambodia, Ms. Sophoan Phean.

“We also take the opportunity to create a space for youths, experts and other stakeholders to share their experience and lesson learned to inform the strategy to promote sustainable Mekong’s ecosystems and aquatic resources,” Sophoan Phean said.

“Oxfam has a few other projects that contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation. For example, In the western area of Tonle Sap, we support communities to monitor fishing areas and protect the resources, awareness raising on the harmful practices to the fisheries resources and environment, and schools to install water purification centres, eco-friendly toilets, and solar panels in communities, and community managed solid waste,” she added.

Representing Sevea, Jean Pinat said the expo offers them a great opportunity to share their knowledge of the energy efficiency sector in cambodia.

“We also are promoting the upcoming CEECOMP, the first energy effiiency competition in the private sector, which will be finishing at an event on October 28th at the Ministry of Environment,” Jean Pinat said.

“We are Looking forward to catching up with all the great people we have met at CCCS22 and hope they can join CEECOMP. We also welcome the opportunity to work together with new partners we have met and help them on their sustainability path,” she added.

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