Acclime Officially Opens Cambodian Office in Urban Village: Growing & Nurturing Local Talent

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Acclime, a leading corporate services provider of accounting, tax, HR & advisory services, has officially inaugurated its new office in the rapidly developing Urban Village area of Phnom Penh. This strategic move aims to accommodate the firm’s growing staff and client base, while also aligning with its broader goals to offer high-level, tech-enabled professional services across Asia-Pacific.

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Martin Crawford, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Acclime, told Cambodia Investment Review at the office launch that the choice of location was made back in December 2022. “We were looking for a single floor plate that would grow along with us. When we acquired our previous firms in 2020 and 2022, we took on a team of 65, the majority of whom stayed, and we have now grown to around 90,” said Crawford. The Urban Village location, known for its developing infrastructure and increasing number of companies, aligns perfectly with Acclime’s plans for growth.

Balance a local family office feel with the sophistication and professionalism

Upon entering the Cambodian market in 2020 through the acquisition of BSE Accounting Co. Ltd, Acclime quickly expanded its operations. Last year, the firm acquired PPV Plus, a boutique tax advisory firm, pivoting its services to better meet the needs of foreign direct investment clients. “Forty percent of our clients are now international firms,” Crawford added. “Our goal is to balance a local family office feel with the sophistication and professionalism required to service big revenue firms.”

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Debby Davidson and Martin Crawford, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Acclime.

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Debby Davidson highlighted the firm’s commitment to maintaining high standards across its 25+ offices in 15 Asia-Pacific territories. Acclime’s headcount stands at 1,250+ staff members. “For the Cambodian office, we’ve invested heavily in technology and training. Our workflow and data security are now ISO27001 accredited,” Davidson stated. She also noted that Cambodian workers are particularly responsive to new ideas and technologies, providing a unique edge in terms of adaptability compared to more mature markets like Singapore and Australia.

Amid the advancements, Davidson stressed the importance of maintaining local market knowledge. “Each country and its office have to be unique, equipped with invaluable knowledge of the intricacies each market brings,” she said.

Services Are Broadening to Include More Specialized Solutions

Acclime’s wide array of services is also broadening to include more specialized solutions traditionally offered by the big four accounting firms, like consulting and tax planning. Crawford elaborated on this pivot: “We’re moving from vanilla corporate services to a premier level of service, in line with our vision statement ‘Asia’s premier tech-enabled professional services’.”

Acclime Cambodia Staff and Senior Management.

The firm is carving out a unique space for itself, offering a seamless experience for multi-national CFOs looking to deal with just one firm across all their markets. “Even our competitors consult us when they don’t have local market offices,” Crawford added.

This new office stands as a symbol of Acclime’s commitment to uniformity, quality, and local talent nurturing. As the Cambodian office strides forward, Acclime’s goal remains clear: to be the one-stop solution for high-quality, tech-enabled professional services for both local and international businesses.

For more information about Acclime Cambodia’s services and new office location, click here.

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