Aquarii: New-look newsletter delivers a unique monthly roundup of Cambodia’s key regional business and investment developments

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In-market business consultancy Aquarii has updated and expanded its monthly newsletter to include essential insights into the Kingdom’s business and investment sphere, making it a must-have for those looking to keep their finger on the pulse.

The downloaded PDF contains a condensed round-up of important topics from throughout the previous month in an easy-to-read format, along with monthly spotlights on key companies and actors across key and emerging sectors. 

Included are key points from the executive report on the Kingdom from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), expert insights into the distribution and real estate sectors in 2023, the latest plans and actions from the government for development, and more.

View or download the newsletter here.

Broader, deeper, and more valuable insights

Speaking about the newsletter, Aquarii CEO Mr. Michael Tan said, our newsletter is constantly evolving to offer broader, deeper and more valuable insights spanning business, trade, investment and geo-political affairs to our subscribers.”

“Our carefully selected articles not only cover insights and announcements from key stakeholders, actors and businesses within the Cambodian business sphere but actively demonstrate the increasing potential of the Cambodian market and why we are so passionate about promoting the Kingdom as a go-to for investors within the ASEAN,” Mr. Tan said.

Phillip Bank, Aquarii and Cambodia Investment Review.

He added that the newsletter doesn’t shy away from presenting challenges faced, especially in light of a complex geo-political landscape shrouded by high inflation and lasting pandemic-induced hurdles. 

The newsletter and wider platform, which includes extensive business resources which aid cross-sector initiatives within the Kingdom have also been shown support from major partners.

A useful one-stop center for business owners and investors

Mr. Ong Teong Hoon, Director and Shareholder Representative from Phillip Bank said Aquarii serves as a useful one-stop center for businesses and investors looking to explore the Cambodian market and find opportunities.

Dr. Chhieng Vanmunin, CEO of Khmer Enterprise, said Aquarii has been a key strategic partner for building strong and resilient business networks with regional businesses. 

Aquarii Cambodia and Khmer Enterprise formalize a partnership agreement at Khmer Enterprise office in Phnom Penh.

“Our joint collaboration has enabled intra-investments between ASEAN countries resulting in a major benefit to the Kingdom’s business community and economic development,” he commented.

Mr. Tan added: “Through our expert insights and extensive business resources here at Aquarii, the business newsletter aims to offer a unique 360 view of the exciting investment landscape within the country.”

How Cambodia can become the next Asian Tiger

The December newsletter, which is available here, encompassed a comprehensive but succinct summation of a tough 2022, with a broader look at what lay ahead in 2023. 

The edition also included an exclusive foreword by Michael Tan, covering his thoughts on reports evidencing higher export volumes and trade figures, more robust FDIs and an uptick in the number of non-SEZ projects, which paint a positive picture for Cambodia’s development in 2023.

Along with an in-depth analysis of how Cambodia can become the next Asian Tiger, an energy sector brief, an overview of opportunities for increased digital inclusion and more, saw the newsletter was viewed and downloaded over 1,000 times.

The first newsletter of 2023 – available here – goes a step further, with the latest edition showing how the latest developments in Q1 are already presenting new opportunities for investment in line with inquiries from international companies and investors in contact with Aquarii so far.

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