Pandora’s Winter Sale 2022 has kicked off!!

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There’s never been a better time to begin a Pandora collection, or add to your existing one, with a wonderful selection of everything from necklaces to bracelets and rings with a special deal of up to 50% off from 26th December 2022 until 15th January 2023.

For Holiday 2022, Pandora Moments welcomes new designs that celebrate what makes this time of year so special. A Pandora gift captures that magical holiday feeling – ready to be gifted from you to them, crafted to be treasured forever.

Pandora’s Winter Sale 2022

From evoking the feeling of a winter wonderland to marveling at the infinite universe, the Holiday collection captures the magic of the season with fresh takes on Pandora’s much-loved nature and celestial themes.

Sparkling with more possibilities than ever before, the Pandora Moments Holiday collection is more than a gift. Its jewelry filled with love and meaning that shows thoughtfulness, care and understanding on the part of the gift giver.

Already a household name across the world, Pandora, a danish jewelry brand has captured the hearts of young, urban professionals due to their ever-changing yet timeless design.

Pandora’s Winter Sale 2022.

Pandora has been growing in Cambodia since 2018 when it was integrated to the portfolio of Dara Ventures, the distribution and retail house of OCIC Group. The team managing the brand in Cambodia has been able to navigate through the downturn of the economy during the pandemic and sustain its momentum.

This demonstrates the stickiness and affection of the brand and its product lines, very much sought after by the modern urban youth population in Phnom Penh.

Dara Ventures, which has started to build a portfolio of international brands including PANDORA and BERING is looking to continue its expansion, as the economy is recovering. The company is targeting to develop its entertainment, lifestyle, healthy, sustainable, ethical beauty, skincare, personal care retails and distribution segment in Cambodia market.

Pandora’s Winter Sale 2022.

Shop Pandora at:

  • The Olympia Mall, 010 733 882
  • AEON Mall Phnom Penh, 010 733 880
  • AEON Mall Sen Sok City, 010 733 881
  • Exchange Square Mall, 010 733 884

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