Sihanoukville Autonomous Port maintains its 8% of IPO annual dividend for private investors

Cambodia’s only deep sea port operator publicly-listed Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (CSX:PAS) has announced shareholders have approved a KHR 403 a share annual dividend, 8% of its KHR 5040 a share 2017 IPO.

The total dividend payout ratio is 45.76% of 2020 net profit or $2.98 million between the two voting right shares of Class B (Ministry of Economy & Finance) and Class C (private) shareholders.

PAS has maintained the same annual payout since 2017, despite the stock rising approximately 200% in value.

In response, the company’s stock price jumped 4.5% to KHR 15,080 per share before the ex-dividend date of July 14. Cash payments will be made in investors’ registered accounts one week following.

Last year, the company’s net profit fell 38.78% year-on-year to $4.12 million after being impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

PAS is looking to a renewed 2021 after posting more than a 4,000% increase in first-quarter net profit as well as announcing their Electronic Data Interchange system will go live this year.

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