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Leader Talks: Kinkesa Kim on Her Approach as CBRE Cambodia Amid a Changing Market for Cambodian Real Estate

Leader Talks: Kinkesa Kim on Her Approach as CBRE Cambodia Amid a Changing Market for Cambodian Real Estate

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Kinkesa Kim has stepped into the role of Country Director for CBRE Cambodia, marking a new chapter for the company. Reflecting on her new position and speaking to Cambodia Investment Review, she expressed gratitude towards her predecessor, Mr. Lawrence Lennon.

The change in leadership comes as Phnom Penh’s real estate market is beginning to demonstrate resilience and cautious optimism, according to the Q1 2024 report from CBRE Cambodia. Various sectors, including office, retail, residential, and hospitality, are navigating different challenges and trends, suggesting a nuanced approach to growth and development.

Continuity, Innovation, and Broadening CBRE Cambodia’s Services

Kinkesa’s initial focus areas include continuity, innovation, and broadening CBRE Cambodia’s services. “As I step into this new role, my initial focus areas will be on continuity, innovation, and broadening our services. Building upon the solid foundation established by my predecessors, I intend to uphold the successful strategies while also introducing new approaches to further our progress.”

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One of her immediate priorities is strengthening client relationships, enhancing service offerings, and leveraging technology to optimize operations. By combining the wisdom of the past with innovative solutions, she is confident that greater heights can be achieved.

Kinkesa Kim, Country Director of CBRE Cambodia.

Kinkesa anticipates her leadership style will differ from previous directors, emphasizing collaboration and agility. “While my predecessor’s tenure was marked by his strategic foresight and meticulous planning, my approach will also emphasize collaboration and agility. I believe in an open-door policy, encouraging feedback and fostering a collaborative culture where every team member feels valued and heard,” she said.

“This inclusive leadership style will not only enhance our internal cohesion but also enable us to respond more swiftly and effectively to market changes, thereby benefiting not only CBRE Cambodia but also our clients and partners,” she added.

Navigate Current Conditions with a Proactive and Strategic Approach

Regarding the current dynamics of the Cambodian real estate market, Kinkesa acknowledged the challenges posed by economic fluctuations, tightened real estate competition, lack of liquidity, and evolving market expectations. However, she remains optimistic about the sector’s potential.

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She strongly believes that the Cambodian real estate market remains dynamic and full of potential. The continuous growth in infrastructure development, investor-friendly policies, recovering foreign and domestic investment appetite, dynamic population, and urbanization continue to present a fertile ground for business expansion.

Lawrence Lennon and Kinkesa Kim.

“Under my leadership, CBRE Cambodia will navigate these conditions with a proactive and strategic approach. We will continue to be the thought leader of the industry, further engage in continuous learning, advocate for sustainable practices, and adapt our strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal is to not just navigate the market but to shape it through our forward-looking approach and client-focused services,” she added.

The Integration of More Advanced Data Analytics

Looking ahead, Kinkesa’s primary goals for CBRE Cambodia are centered around growth, innovation, and excellence. She has stated that her primary goals for CBRE Cambodia are centered around growth, innovation, and excellence. Adding that she will aim to expand market presence, diversify service offerings, and strengthen partnerships.

“One of the new initiatives I am particularly excited about is the integration of more advanced data analytics into our services which will allow us to provide more insightful and personalized solutions to our clients. Additionally, I am thrilled about our more robust collaboration with our international CBRE network and leveraging their expertise and resources to undertake larger and more complex projects and provide comprehensive solutions to our clients,” she added.

As Kinkesa Kim steps into her role as the new Country Director for CBRE Cambodia, her blend of continuity, innovation, and collaboration is expected to steer the company towards greater heights. Her strategic focus and inclusive leadership approach aim to navigate and shape the resilient Cambodian real estate market, ensuring CBRE Cambodia continues to thrive and expand in the coming years.

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