IBC’s Khmer Sparkling Night: A Resounding Success for Cambodia’s Business and Social Community

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The International Business Chamber of Cambodia (IBC) hosted its Annual Ball for the year 2023 on September 2nd at Rosewood Phnom Penh. Titled “Khmer Sparkling Night,” the event was attended by over 150 guests, including the Australian Ambassador. It was characterized not just as a social gathering but as an initiative aimed at multiple objectives, notably including corporate community engagement.

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Paul Clements, Chairman of the IBC, commented on the event, stating, “This gathering served multiple functions. It was designed not only as a social event but also as a representation of various core objectives that the IBC aims to achieve, such as responsible corporate community engagement and contributing positively to socio-economic factors within Cambodian communities.”

IBC Chairman Paul Clements and Executive Director Katherine McLean.

The evening commenced with a selection of beverages that included a variety of beers, wines, and special spirits. According to IBC’s Executive Director, Katherine McLean, the menu was specially crafted by the Rosewood culinary team to provide a blend of traditional and innovative cuisines.

Over $10,000 Raised for The Indochina Starfish Foundation in auction items alone!

In terms of Corporate Community Engagement, the event had specific aims to fulfill. It collaborated with the Indochina Starfish Foundation (ISF) as its charity partner for the year. The partnership was designed to promote awareness and education on a range of social, environmental, and economic issues affecting Cambodian communities. It also served to reinforce the IBC’s objectives of encouraging responsible corporate governance and contributing to enhancing the international reputation of Cambodia’s business community.

Early calculations suggest that the amount raised for the charity may exceed $10,000.

Vicheka Chourp, Chief Executive Officer of the Indochina Starfish Foundation, also provided insight into how the donations would align with their organization’s vision and mission. “We are thrilled to be a part of this event. The donations we are set to receive from ‘Khmer Sparkling Night’ will directly contribute to our ongoing efforts for a society free from poverty and inequality. Our mission focuses on increasing access to education, healthcare, and sports to underprivileged children and their communities. The funds raised will significantly aid us in these areas and enable us to make strides toward empowering communities to lift themselves out of poverty.”

Katherine McLean added, “Our collaboration with ISF is aligned with the IBC’s broader objectives of positively impacting the community in various dimensions, which includes social, economic, and environmental aspects.” While the exact figure is yet to be finalized, early calculations suggest that the amount raised for the charity may exceed $10,000.

IBC Annual Ball Contributing To the Cambodian Business Community and Society

The event was made possible through the support of various sponsors. Principal sponsors included Prudential, Wing Bank, CBC, Invictus, and JTI. With the IBC Executive Committee acknowledging their contribution, noting, “The sponsorship received from these organizations plays a critical role in actualizing events like these and signifies a collaborative commitment to responsible corporate governance and community development within Cambodia.”

More than 150 attended the gala event.

The IBC Annual Ball 2023 aimed to go beyond the boundaries of a mere social gathering. Its objectives encompassed an array of initiatives designed to contribute to both the Cambodian business community and society at large. This included efforts to engage in responsible corporate community engagement and to tackle issues affecting various facets of Cambodian communities.

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