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Return of the Stolen Artifacts: IBC’s Business Community Celebrates Cambodian Heritage at the National Museum

Return of the Stolen Artifacts: IBC’s Business Community Celebrates Cambodian Heritage at the National Museum

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Thursday, 8 June 2023, promises to be an eventful evening as the International Business Chamber (IBC) hosts the much-anticipated “Return of the Stolen Artifacts” event at the National Museum of Cambodia. This event will showcase numerous recovered artifacts, all of which highlight Cambodia’s rich cultural heritage.

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“IBC is proud to host this event that not only marks a significant milestone in Cambodian history but also promotes cultural awareness and preservation,” said Katherine McLean, a prominent member of IBC. “It’s an opportunity to witness the tangible evidence of our efforts in advocating for the rightful return of stolen Cambodian artifacts. For members, it’s a must-attend event.”

Forming new connections and sharing knowledge

The event will feature guided tours conducted by the restitution and Museum teams, offering attendees a close-up view of the Angkorian gold collection, the Surya Sun God returned from Denver, Shiva and Skanda returned from the Latchford family, Skanda on the Peacock returned from a family in the US, and Duryodhana returned from Sothebys.

“These priceless treasures represent the core of Cambodian identity,” added McLean. “Seeing them back home is a testament to the dedication and tireless efforts of all parties involved in the process of restitution.”

Two of the 30 Cambodian artefacts to be returned to the Kingdom feature at the August 8 repatriation ceremony in the US. US Embassy in Phnom Penh.

The night will also host an array of eminent speakers, including H.E. Phoeurng Sackona, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts (Cambodia), Mr. Chhay Visoth, Director at the National Museum of Cambodia, and Mr. Bradley Gordon, an adviser who collaborates with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts on reclaiming and returning stolen cultural artifacts to Cambodia.

McLean emphasizes that the evening will not only be about the appreciation of Cambodian heritage. “While the artifacts are indeed the star attraction, this event is also about forming new connections and sharing knowledge. It embodies the core principles that the IBC stands for: fostering relationships, promoting business development, and advocating for constructive policies,” she added.

Continued efforts in preserving Cambodian heritage

Tickets to the event are available at $40 for IBC members and $50 for non-members, with a part of the funds being channeled to the Cambodia Treasure Foundation to support its continued efforts in preserving Cambodian heritage.

The event is set to commence at 6:00 PM, with registration beginning at 5:30 PM. Attendees can look forward to a night of learning and networking while enjoying free-flow beer, wine, and canapés.

“Reservations are essential, so I urge all members and interested parties to register early,” concluded McLean. “It’s more than just an event, it’s a celebration of our past, a nod to our present, and an investment in our future. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.”

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