Red Hornet Chairman’s Cup Raises $12,000 for Cambodian Mine Action Authority with Unprecedented International & Public-Private Collaboration

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The 4th edition of the annual Red Hornet Chairman’s Cup took a new turn this year, not just in its reach but in its commitment to social responsibility. Held on 1st September 2023, the event marked the first time it was dedicated to a charitable cause. The event successfully raised $12,000 for the Cambodian Mine Action Authority (CMAA), amplifying the significance of private sector contributions in aiding the government’s mine-clearing efforts in Cambodia.

The CMAA, led by Senior Minister & First Vice President, Cambodian Mine Action & Victim Assistance Authority H.E. Ly Thuch, has a track record of successfully clearing mines across numerous provinces. This charitable focus comes as a collaborative effort to boost the national project aimed at demining and rebuilding communities – with the golf tournament co-organized by Candra Tanpatti of ECGolf.

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According to event co-organizer Dalton Wong, Chariman of Speedwind and current IndoCham Cambodia President, “This year’s Red Hornet Chairman’s Cup serves as a conduit for positive change. It is incredibly gratifying to see private companies align their brand and social responsibility goals with an essential issue like demining. We couldn’t have done this without our esteemed partners.”

Remarkable Show of International Solidarity

In a remarkable show of international solidarity, this year’s competition attracted participants from 12 different countries. Dalton added, “We are overwhelmed by the support from international participants. It reflects not just the appeal of the sport but also the shared vision for a safer, mine-free Cambodia.”

Dalton Wong, Chariman of Speedwind and current IndoCham Cambodia President.

The event couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the help of numerous sponsors. Major team sponsors included:

  • Prince Bank Plc.
  • CB General Insurance Plc.
  • MassWork Co., Ltd
  • Cellcard (CamGSM PLC.)
  • Pernod Ricard (Cambodge)

Dalton Wong expressed sincere thanks to all the sponsors for their generous contributions. “Every sponsor has been a pillar of support in this charitable endeavor. Their commitment has been invaluable in making this edition a resounding success.”

The CMAA, led by Senior Minister & First Vice President, Cambodian Mine Action & Victim Assistance Authority H.E. Ly Thuch.

It wasn’t just the financial support that caught attention; several companies offered in-kind contributions. Gloria Jeans Coffee Cambodia took charge of refreshments and beverages, while Hard Rock Cafe Cambodia sponsored caps for the event. Noble Sports Center provided the uniforms, Norea Cove Residences by AKRAM contributed cool umbrellas, and Huawei offered exciting prizes. Additionally, SpeedWind Distributions Co., Ltd and Massive Distributions were also acknowledged for their contributions.

Highlighting Importance of Public-Private Partnerships

Equally noteworthy was the presence of diplomats at the golf game and prize presentation dinner, including Brunei Ambassador Pengiran Kasmirhan Pengiran Tahir, Japanese Ambassador Ueno Atsushi, Korean Ambassador Park Jung Wook and Foreign Affairs Ministry’s representatives H.E. David Luy and H.E. Senior Minister Ouch Borith. Their participation lent weight to the importance of public-private partnerships in accomplishing critical national goals.

$12,000 for the Cambodian Mine Action Authority was raised.

As the Red Hornet Chairman’s Cup came to an end, the focus shifted toward future editions. “Looking forward to the 5th Edition in 2024, we aim to raise the bar even higher. This year laid a new foundation for what this event can achieve, and there is no looking back now,” said Dalton.

In a country where the issue of land mines continues to affect community development and safety, the success of the 4th edition of Red Hornet Chairman’s Cup epitomizes the impact that private sector collaboration can have in assisting the government’s efforts. With more plans in the pipeline for the next year, it’s clear that this initiative is more than just a game—it’s a model for how business can, and should, contribute to national welfare.

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