Cambodian Startup Tenbox Joins UNESCAP’s Feminist Finance Forum to Propel Women-Run SMEs

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The UNESCAP’s Feminist Finance Forum recently brought together various regional actors to boost cooperation among different sectors, aiming to enhance access to finance for women entrepreneurs in Asia and the Pacific. Among those who attended was the Cambodian-based startup Tenbox, which plays an active role in supporting women-run small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom.

In Cambodia, where the Feminist Finance Forum has a significant impact, women-owned SMEs comprise 61% of all SMEs. This substantial percentage highlights the crucial role that women are playing in the economic growth of the nation.

Connecting Retail Owners with Diverse Product Suppliers

Tenbox serves as a digital wholesale marketplace to connect retail owners with diverse product suppliers. The startup was created out of a necessity to source different products from various suppliers at reasonable prices and with timely delivery. With a recent strategic investment from Choice Accelerator, Tenbox has already served hundreds of businesses, ranging from restaurants and coffee shops to mini marts and mom & pop stores.

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is hosted the Feminist Finance Forum in Bangkok, Thailand from 16-17 August 2023.

The platform aligns perfectly with the goals of the Feminist Finance Forum by committing to support and accelerate women-run SMEs in Cambodia. This commitment is evidenced in Tenbox’s B2B marketplace platform, offering women SMEs a plethora of benefits:

  1. Digital Market Access: Tenbox provides women SMEs access to quality products and services from a trusted supplier pool. Leveraging tools like mobile apps and social media, businesses can discover new products to expand their offerings.
  2. Opportunity Access: By offering training, mentoring, and educational resources, Tenbox fosters opportunities for women SMEs to learn new skills. Topics include digital literacy, financial management, and business development, aiming to encourage collaboration and learning.
  3. Financial Access: Collaborating with strategic banking partners, Tenbox provides tailored financial services for women SMEs, including flexible repayment terms and collateral-free loans. These alternatives help overcome the barriers set by traditional financial institutions.

These measures align with the Feminist Finance Forum’s mission, allowing women-run SMEs to buy inventory, sell products, and participate in the digital economy within Tenbox’s ecosystem. The result is not only cost reduction and efficiency improvement but also a contribution to social and economic development.

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“Tenbox is more than a tech tool; it’s a business asset that empowers women SMEs to achieve their goals and aspirations,” a company spokesperson said. “We are here for a greater cause, supporting women-run SMEs in their journey of growth and success.”

By actively participating in the UNESCAP’s Feminist Finance Forum and supporting the development of women-run SMEs in Cambodia, Tenbox continues to prove itself as a valuable asset to the Cambodian economy. The startup’s focused approach and dedication to transforming the way women SMEs conduct business demonstrate a forward-thinking mindset that resonates with the aspirations of women entrepreneurs in the region.

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