Devin Barta elected as new President of AmCham Cambodia

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia (AmCham) has announced the election of its new President, Mr. Devin Barta, during the Board’s first meeting following the Annual General Meeting. Mr. Barta is joined by Mr. Christopher McCarthy, who has been elected as the Vice President of AmCham.

Mr. Barta expressed his gratitude on his social media account, stating that it was an honor and privilege to serve on the board of AmCham, and he looks forward to seeing where this talented and professional board of governors takes the chamber. He also gave special thanks to the AmCham Executive Director, Travis Mitchel, and his team for their work in moving the organization forward during the transition.

According to his official AmCham profile, Devin Barta is a Senior Manager at AHF Products overseeing the expansion of their manufacturing site in Cambodia. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing sector and serving on boards in Pennsylvania. He received his education from Marquette University, Columbia University, and London Business School. Devin is married with two children and enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Newly elected board for 2023

The newly elected board members for 2023 include six candidates, both new and re-elected, out of a pool of 20 candidates, which is the highest number of candidates the chamber has ever received. The board of governors, consisting of eleven members, also elected Mr. Casey Barnett as Treasurer and Mr. Jay Cohen as Secretary.

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AmCham 2023 Board.

AmCham reported during the Annual General Meeting that its membership had doubled, and its revenue had grown by 122% in the past two years, with a reported revenue of approximately $300,000 in 2022 alone. Anthony Galliano, the outgoing President of AmCham, praised Cambodia as the “Kingdom of Opportunity” for the foreign community, many of whom have settled and started businesses in the country.

A strong foundation for AmCham

Mr. Galliano also outlined the recent achievements of AmCham, including doubling its membership to 254 and reconnecting with fellow AmCham’s in the Asia Pacific region. He noted, “We were honored to represent Cambodia in dialogue with the Executive and Legislative branches of the United States government.”

The strong financial position of AmCham was also highlighted, with revenues increasing by 80% in 2022 and a 122% increase in the past two years. Galliano said, “Our capital base is as strong as ever, and our cash position is the highest in our history for a yearend, despite our highest spend ever on events.”

The 2023 AGM was held at Sun & Moon Hotel in Phnom Penh on March 1, 2023.

Founded in 1996, AmCham is an independent non-profit membership organization comprising both American and Cambodian companies who share a connection to American commerce. The election of Mr. Barta as President marks a new chapter in AmCham’s history, and the organization looks forward to continuing its work to promote American commerce and support its members in Cambodia under his leadership.

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