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IAAC and CIR Media Collaborate to Enhance Cambodian Business and Investment Awareness at Phnom Penh Airport

IAAC and CIR Media Collaborate to Enhance Cambodian Business and Investment Awareness at Phnom Penh Airport

Cambodia Investment Review

In a strategic move designed to help bolster Cambodian business and investment awareness, International Airport Advertising (IAAC) Cambodia and CIR Media have signed an agreement that will see the latest investment and business news stories featured prominently on IAAC’s high-definition digital display networks at Phnom Penh International Airport.

Harrison White, CEO of CIR Media, underscored the importance of accurate media portrayal in shaping international investment perceptions. “Our goal is to actively engage in correcting any outdated perceptions and nurture new business opportunities,”. He highlighted Cambodia’s significant advancements in infrastructure, living conditions, and economic growth. “Cambodia has made substantial progress in recent years, particularly in both physical and digital infrastructure, which is underpinned by continued political stability,” he added.

Publishing The Latest Business & Investment News

Launched in 2021, Cambodia Investment Review was a first of its-kind news outlet dedicated to Cambodian investment news in the English language. CIR Media, the licensed publisher of Cambodia Investment Review and Cambodia Leadership Review, focuses on encouraging quality investments by publishing the latest business and investment news to both local and international audiences.

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The partnership with IAAC will see key weekly business news and investment stories made available to the thousands of local and foreign business travellers passing through Phnom Penh International Airport every day. Jonathan Goldsmid, CEO of IAAC, commented on the initiative: “Airports provide a unique opportunity to capture the attention of high-value consumers, from well-heeled leisure travellers to high-earning business executives and tech-savvy millennials, airports host a diverse and affluent audience. With an average dwell time of 90 minutes in departures, we are always seeking new ways to help enhance the passenger experience and the provision of important investment news stories is another innovative way to help travellers pass the time as they wait for their flights.

IAAC digital billboard at Phnom Penh Airport.

The collaboration is designed to promote Cambodia’s dynamic business environment, with a specific focus on sectors such as technology, agriculture, tourism, food, logistics, and e-commerce. Harrison White also noted the strategic importance of this initiative: “This partnership will help in reaching out to business travelers who are potential investors, providing them with comprehensive resources and insights into Cambodia’s market entry strategies and regulatory environment.”

Cambodia Is Actively Seeking To Attract More Foreign Investment

The initiative comes at a time when Cambodia is actively seeking to attract more foreign investment. By leveraging the high footfall at Phnom Penh International Airport, the campaign aims to showcase Cambodia’s substantial progress and strategic advantages as a thriving business hub.

Goldsmid concluded, “This initiative will ensure that business travelers and investors are well-informed about the investment opportunities in Cambodia. This is a crucial step in enhancing Cambodia’s visibility on the global investment map.”

The collaboration between IAAC and CIR Media marks a significant effort to elevate Cambodia’s profile as an attractive investment destination, emphasizing its recent developments and potential for growth.

About IAAC:

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