Ruwan Hulugalle elected as the inaugural AmCham Legal Committee Chairman

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Ruwan Hulugalle has been elected as the inaugural Chairman of the AmCham Legal Committee. His stated aim was to make doing business in Cambodia more efficient and effective as well as promoting greater compliance.

The AmCham Legal Committee Leadership Team of eight include:

  • Mr. Ruwan Hulugalle, Chair
  • Mr. Jay Cohen, Vice Chair for Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)
  • Mr. Varabott Ho, Vice Chair of Banking & Insurance Legal & Regulatory Compliance
  • Ms. SOK Vanseka, Vice Chair for Trade and Investment
  • Mr. Sofok SORNG, Vice Chair for Commercial Law
  • Ms. Kat Smith, Vice Chair for Legal Education
  • Ms. Mutiah Fauzan, Co-Secretary
  • Ms. Kimpheng Kong, Co-Secretary

Ruwan Hulugalle is a Legal Consultant and Department Head of the Corporate and Banking Department at BNG Legal. Ruwan has worked on a range of issues in the public and private sectors since 2006 including as a private consultant and as commercial advisor for the U.S. Department of State.

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Make doing business in Cambodia more efficient and effective

Speaking to Cambodia Investment Review after the election Ruwan Hulugalle said he was honored to have been elected the inaugural chairman of the AmCham Legal Committee.

“My hope for the new law committee is to help make doing business in Cambodia more efficient and effective from the legal perspective by promoting greater compliance with existing laws and regulations and helping to influence future laws and regulations,” Ruwan said.

“In addition, businesspeople can appreciate the significant amount of international standard laws and regulations that have been enacted to facilitate business, particularly since joining the World Trade Organization, however the dispute resolution mechanism still leaves much to be desired in terms of making doing business efficient, predictable and fair,” he added.

Mr. Ruwan Hulugalle, Chair and Mr. Varabott Ho, Vice Chair of Banking & Insurance Legal & Regulatory.

Ruwan commented that under his Chairmanship he was hopeful the committee could work with the relevant government authorities and entities to work on this as well.

“I also hope we can help to build the capacity of professionals working in the legal field in Cambodia so that international norms of legal practice may become further embodied in the profession. Finally, I hope we can create a good system of corporate governance that can be used as a template for future leaders of the committee,” Ruwan said.

“There is much work to do in all sectors of law and I hope that I, along with my formidable legal committee and team, can make some impactful progress in making doing business here more predictable, efficient, and fair,” he added.

AmCham’s inaugural legal committee formed

Anthony Galliano, AmCham President told Cambodia Investment Review that the AmCham Legal Committee represents the chamber’s 8th Advocacy Committee and is a continual demonstration of how AmCham first and foremost places the members’ interest’s as paramount. 

Anthony added that the voice of members was critical in how a Board crafts its Advocacy initiatives. It was clear from the legal sector that there was substantial demand to create Advocacy around Laws, Regulations, and Investment Incentives, he said.

“For example, AmCham’s Tax Committee, led by in my opinion one of the best experts in the market Clint O’Connell, has been a phenomenal success in a short period. Not only has the committee held amazing events, specifically with the Trust Regulator and General Department of Taxation, but it has disseminated and advised on new tax regulations and laws and the dialogue in our Telegram chat for this committee is superb, particularly in explaining the new laws and sharing opinions and views,” he said.

AmCham President Anthony Galliano announces record membership numbers.

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Anthony added that it had become a port of call to ask questions and better understand the tax laws, as well as make suggestions for the government’s Working Group D and Tax Working Group, of which AmCham is a member.

“I have high expectations that the Law Advocacy Committee will emulate the achievements, success, and community dialogue and advice that all our Advocacy Committees have in common and strive to accomplish. I repeatedly state, AmCham seeks to have the “best of the best” on its Board and leading its Advocacy, and the fact that this Committee has over 300 participants in its Telegram Chat, leads me to believe it will be as impactful and meaningful as are all our Advocacy Committees,” he said.

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