Huawei Cambodia says guidance and support are key in partnering with Cambodia’s ICT development

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Huawei Cambodia, the local operations of the Chinese-based company has outlined being part of an integrated development plan is key to assisting Cambodia to develop 4G/5G and iCloud capabilities.

The international tech company recently became the first and only authorized cloud service provider in the Kingdom obtaining a “Consulting and Technical Service Certification License” authorized by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

The company hosted an online event this week highlighting Cambodia’s potential for developing the Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) ecosystem and the benefits for both the economy and society at large.

Responding to questions from Cambodia Investment Review, Peter Goulding the Global Government Industry Expert Huawei Technologies said the company wants to play role in Cambodia’s development of ICT through providing both guidance and support.

Technology is the enabler for both governments and other private companies to establish. This is what Huawei can enable – the implementation of a technology plan, he added.

Huawei Cambodia has also signed an agreement with both the ministry and telecoms providers to assist the with current 4G broadband as well as future 5G technology equipment and training initiatives.

In June this year, the government officially announced the implementation of its “Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework of Cambodia 2021-2035” policy.

The policy identifies the digital sector as a new model of economic growth responsive and resilient to changes in economic structure, development, and international trade.

The 4th batch of Cambodian young ICT talents to get training in China in 2019. (Source: Twitter)

Ewan Dong, a Huawei Cambodia spokesperson also responds to questions from Cambodia Investment Review stating the company can help improve the Kingdom’s infrastructure – from the national broadband point of view – both 4G now and 5G in the future.

Adding, they can help build the Kingdoms iCloud platforms that will be essential to government services as well as large enterprises to improve the working systems.

Internationally the company has had been prevented from implementing its technology in 5G infrastructure in countries including Australia, USA and the UK.

In response, the company has formally lodged a complaint with the World Trade Organization – of which Cambodia is also a member – the case is currently ongoing.

In August, Huawei Cambodia hosted its annual ICT awards for Cambodian students under the topic “Best Policy Framework for the Digital Economy”

Since 2016, Huawei Cambodia has cultivated more than 100 students in their CSR flagship program “Seed for the Future” and recruit more than 30 new graduates to join the company every year.

These programs are said to overall the help Kingdom and local partners utilize digital platforms to develop their application through big data and online ecosystems.

Huawei has provided communications products and services in Cambodia since 1999, and has provided cloud services in Cambodia since 2020. It has more than 15 local partners and more than 50 local customers in Cambodia.

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