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Rising Giants Top 50 firms ‘making moves’ in Cambodia

Rising Giants Top 50 firms ‘making moves’ in Cambodia

Harrison White

The list highlights 50 innovators across 13 business verticals, that are making moves in Cambodia. Rising Giants said as we turn the page on 2021 and welcome a new exciting period of growth and dynamism for the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem in Cambodia.

Cambodia Investment Review was also featured on the list. Rising Giants said the pick up of investment interest in Cambodia has led to the creation of Cambodia Investment Review – a first of its kind local news outlet dedicated to Cambodian investment news.

The combination of each of these pieces of the media and entertainment industry marks only the beginning of a very bright future for the sector, they added.

Rising Giants was created in 2021 by Max Thornton and Dominic Kalousek after realizing there were limited outlets for gaining insight into the startup and investment ecosystem in the frontier markets of Southeast Asia. 

The platform serves as an upbeat medium for entrepreneurs and investors to share their experience working and living in some of the most dynamic and positively evolving countries in Southeast Asia.

Rising Giants currently has Cambodia’s number 1 business and investment podcast.

Max Thornton said: “Rising Giants is excited to share what we have learnt over the last few years, exploring and speaking with some of the upcoming innovators in Cambodia, while this is not an exhaustive list of all the innovators, we feel these 50 companies are worth keeping up with, as they drive forward positive change in their sectors”

Dom Kalousek added: “Over this past year, we have been very grateful for the time each of our guests spent with us discussing the startup ecosystem in Cambodia and the exciting next wave of innovation in the country. From these conversations, we researched each of the different sectors and highlighted 50 exceptional companies we believe will continue creating impact in the space.

Rising Giants Top 50

? Agriculture (4) – Thaung Enterprise, Kirisu Farm, ATEC Biodigeesters and Azaylla

? Design (2) – Raintree and The Idea

??‍? E-commerce (7) – L192, Wing Mall, Nham24, Grocerdel, Smile Shop, BLOC Delivery and Homeapp

? E-ticketing (3) – Wonderpass, Camboticket and Bookmebus

??‍? Education (4) – E School Cambodia, WEduShare, Edemy and SALATECH

? Electric Vehicles (2) – TADA and Oyika

? Environment (5) – GAEA, Vitaminair, KWSH, OTAGO and TapEffect

? F&B (3) – Chef Nak, Seekers and Samai

? Fintech (5) – Bakong, iCare Benefits, Banhji,, Morakot Technologies and Cambo Finance

? Hardware (3) – KOOMPI, VP Start and ArrowDot

? Healthcare (3) – PillTech, Hospicare and MeetDoctor

? Media & Entertainment (5) – Sabay, Baramey, Klapyahandz, Mekhala Radiant and Cambodia Investment Review (CIR Media)

Software (4) – Codingate, KhmerDev, Selendra and Mekong Big Data

To read each induvial sector and company profile click here.

*CIR Media is the parent company of Cambodia Investment Review and was founded in collaboration with its investment partner Aquarii SG

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