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Oceanus Group announce investment in new consultancy firm Aquarii Cambodia

Oceanus Group announce investment in new consultancy firm Aquarii Cambodia

Harrison White

Singapore-listed Oceanus Group have announced this week it has invested in the newly incorporated consultancy firm Aquarii SG Pte Ltd (Aquarii Cambodia).

Oceanus Group stated that Aquarii Cambodia ill focus on providing advisory services and facilitating the entry of Singapore and international companies into Cambodia.

The partnership involves Singapore’s former ambassador to Cambodia Michael Tan, who is back in Phnom Penh to look into the establishment of Aquarii Cambodia.

Recently, the newly appointed Indonesian Chamber of Commerce President Dalton Wong highlighted Aquarii Cambodia his inaugural speech.

Dalton stated, IndoCham planned to work very closely with business development and advisory companies such as Aquarii Cambodia.

Aquarii Cambodia enters the local market

Aquarii aims to partner and connect businesses and investors, create opportunities and relationships, and help grow their partnerships, investments, projects and endeavours based on the values of trust, integrity and transparency, underpinned by the Singapore brand of efficiency, accountability and long-term planning. 

According to the company, Aquarii Cambodia endeavors to position itself as the bridge or gateway for foreign investors and businesses to the Kingdom through a blended offering of our free access online business accelerator platform (

Aqaurii Cambodia has outlined its network of preferred partners and resources, and a compendium of pragmatic advisory services that offer insights on local market conditions, prospective partners, domestic political and socio-economic developments, among others. Aquarii is selective in the choice of projects and partners to ensure that the journey with partner clients will be productive and have a higher chance of success. 

Cambodia’s international business community remain ‘bullish’ on the local economy citing an ultra-fast vaccination drive and multiple bilateral and multilateral trade agreements to be implemented next year.

The Kingdom is currently in the process of approving the new Law on Investment which aims to increase capital inflow and encourage economic diversification of the local economy.

The new law replaces the previous investment law enacted in 1994 and was updated mainly under the guidance of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC).

Prior to the COVID pandemic Cambodia’s economy had sustained an average real growth rate of 7.7% between 1998 and 2019, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Since establishment Aquarii Cambodia has signed several preferred partnership agreements including with CIR Media.

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