Indonesia Day 2021 (eBook)

To celebrate Indonesia’s 76th Anniversary of Independence from August 17 – 24 Cambodia Investment Review will be highlighting business and investment opportunities for Indonesian’s in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Cambodia – The Epitome of growth and changes in ASEAN for Banking and Finance...

Massive Distributions see a dire need and complementary fit for its services and expertise in the following areas which are non- core to the banking and financial institutions

F&B outlet Bengawan Solo captures Cambodia’s growing consumer demand for halal-friendly cuisine: Indonesian Business...

It was only in 2018 the halal certification created by the Cambodian government is now available for companies that produce or sell food items in the kingdom. The Highest Council for Islamic Religious Affairs of Cambodia said that the new label will lure more Muslim tourists into the country while increasing exports of halal products.

Investment firm TRIPROVIDENT funds Cambodian ventures to reduce greenhouses gases: Indonesian Business Week

Chairman of TRIPROVIDENT and Indonesian national Mr. Chandra Satya told 'Cambodia Investment Review Indonesian Business Week' that the company was established as a consolidated vision of three businessmen to make a difference for the future.

More international F&B franchisors enter the Cambodian market: Indonesian Business Week

Mr. Chandra Lukito, the company commissioner told ‘Cambodia Investment Review Indonesia Business Week’ that Cambodia has a big potential for Indonesian business owners to enter with many business opportunities in sectors such as F&B, real estate, technology, and manufacturing.

Dynamic Argon to provide reputable and ethical pharmaceuticals for Cambodia: Indonesia Business Week

Speaking to ‘Cambodia Investment Review Indonesian Business Week’ Dynamic Argon said they operate under the tagline “Together provide a better life”. Dynamic Argon is committed to serve the country by provide a full range of ethical Over The Counter (OTC) medicine and consumer products.

ECGOLFHOUSE hits into Cambodia’s growing love of golf: Indonesian Business Week 2021

Candra Tanpatti, an Indonesian national and Director of ECGOLFHOUSE told ‘Cambodia Investment Review Indonesian Business Week’ that he started his journey in Cambodia's golf industry as an inbound golf tour operator.

SpeedWind Distribution’s convey best wishes to Indonesia and its business community: Indonesian Business Week...

Dalton Wong, Executive Chairman of Speedwind Distributions: conveys best wishes to Indonesia and says the Kingdom has huge growth potential for foreign direct investment.