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Alcohol Industry Coalition Unites to Boost Responsible Marketing Standards and Practices in Cambodia

Alcohol Industry Coalition Unites to Boost Responsible Marketing Standards and Practices in Cambodia

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Coalition of companies and association pleading for Responsible Alcohol Marketing Practices, hereafter ‘the coalition’, HEINEKEN Cambodia, Cambrew (Carlsberg Cambodia), Wine Spirits & Beer Importer and Distributors Association (WSBIDA) and APISWA came together with core stakeholders, industry partners, regulatory authorities, and government officials to launch its Self-Regulatory Code for Responsible Alcohol Marketing and Communication in Cambodia. This code establishes clear guidelines for responsible advertising and responsible communication practices within the alcohol industry. Supported by numerous signatories from all parts of the value chain, including international and local producers, distributors, and retailers, the Coalition invites more industry players to join in this commitment to responsible marketing.

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The Self-Regulatory code marks a pivotal step in strengthening alcohol industry practices, enabling all partners to conduct business while adhering to the highest international best practices. The launch of this code is a significant move towards responsible standards and aligns with the industry’s plea for the introduction of a Legal Purchasing Age of 18 in Cambodia.

Neth Pheaktra, Minister of Information.

Key Provisions Of The Code Include:

  • Ensuring all marketing and promotional activities do not encourage or condone excessive consumption or misuse of alcohol.
  • Prioritizing social responsibility by preventing misleading advertisements.
  • Implementing strict guidelines to protect those below the age of 18 from exposure to alcohol marketing, for example, by enforcing age verification mechanisms and setting standards for influencer engagements to ensure they appeal primarily to adult audiences.
  • Fostering clear and fair advertising standards across the industry, and across channels, including digital marketing practices.

This collaborative effort underscores the Coalition’s commitment to promoting responsible marketing as well as consumption, encouraging fair competition, and fostering innovation within the industry. By prioritizing consumer protection and social responsibility, the code aims to enhance the industry’s reputation and contribute to a more informed society, benefiting both businesses and consumers in Cambodia.

In a unified stance, representatives of the Coalition emphasized their commitment to responsible marketing. “At the Coalition, we recognize that it is not only our responsibility but our moral duty to ensure our products are marketed responsibly. This commitment is reflected in the code designed to prevent marketing to those below the age of 18, educate customers and business partners about responsible consumption, and provide clear information about alcohol.” The Coalition expressed its hope for all industry partners to adopt its self-regulatory responsible marketing code throughout Cambodia.

Cambodia Investment Review attended the event as an official media partner,

This initiative is a prime example of the importance of public-private dialogue and cooperation in impacting the communities they serve.

Through this code, all signatories will ensure that all marketing, advertising, promotion, and sponsorship activities in the alcohol industry will take place within a framework that will not encourage excessive alcohol consumption or the use of alcohol in any inappropriate manner, these key points will serve as a benchmark for other companies to follow as best practice.”

Cambodia’s Alcohol Working Group Was Established In April 2024

In a proactive step to enhance consumer well-being and industry standards, the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Alcohol Working Group was established in April 2024. This group is dedicated to developing legislation and regulations that support the responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages, ensuring a balanced and competitive marketplace. “The signing ceremony of the Self-Regulatory Responsible Marketing Code on alcoholic drinks in the Kingdom of Cambodia today demonstrates a joint commitment from key stakeholders in ensuring social security, public order and harmony in Cambodian society,” said His Excellency Neth Pheaktra, Minister of Information.

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has congratulated Cambodia on introducing the Self-Regulatory Code for Responsible Alcohol Marketing, viewing it as a good example of the power of self-regulation. “The Cambodian Self-regulatory Code is a critical step towards effective co-regulation of alcohol marketing, driven by a shared commitment to responsible advertising. We would like to congratulate all of those involved and reiterate our commitment to provide guidance regarding the Code’s implementation, monitoring and evaluation of impact”, said Stephan Loerke, CEO of WFA.

The signing ceremony took place at Sofitel Phnom Penh on June 11, 2024.

“We are proud to see this impactful initiative on self-regulatory marketing code now effective in Cambodia, in line with global efforts to help reduce alcohol advertising reaching minors. We fully support the Coalition’s commitments to reduce harmful use of alcohol and look forward to seeing more and more signatories joining the initiative,” said Julian Braithwaite, President of IARD (International Alliance for Responsible Drinking).

Looking ahead, the Coalition is dedicated to implementing these guidelines through stakeholder consultations and public awareness campaigns. As the industry continues to prioritize responsible practices, the Coalition looks forward to more members of the alcohol industry and their marketing and advertising partners committing to this pledge.

The Coalition for Responsible Alcohol Marketing Practices includes:

The Coalition for Responsible Alcohol Marketing Practices is dedicated to promoting responsible advertising and communication practices within Cambodia’s alcohol industry. The members include HEINEKEN Cambodia, Cambrew (Carlsberg Cambodia), WSBIDA with 9 companies as members and 2 co-alliance, and APISWA that represents 11 global spirits, all committed to fostering a responsible and competitive marketplace.

Together, there stated aim to protect consumers, especially those below the age of 18, and ensure that all marketing activities uphold the highest international standards. Representing a broader network of members, the Coalition welcomes other industry players and breweries in the kingdom, to join initiatives and support the code.

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