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Heineken® Kicks Off Star Quality Program To Find Cambodia’s Best Bartenders

Heineken® Kicks Off Star Quality Program To Find Cambodia’s Best Bartenders

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Iconic global beer brand Heineken® is bringing its ‘Star Quality’ program to Cambodia for the first time, a renowned initiative aimed at discovering and elevating bartending talent worldwide. The program provides participants with training to earn Star Quality credentials, from serving the perfect glass of beer to the pursuit of excellence.

The ‘Star Quality’ program also transcends typical training; it offers a unique opportunity for local bartending talent to compete for a chance to showcase their skills on an international stage. Cambodia’s top 10 bartenders will be selected during the semi-finals in July, who will then compete in the local finale in August. Later in the year, the ultimate star bartender will represent Cambodia in the global ‘Star Quality’ competition in Amsterdam, the home of Heineken®.

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The Program Aims To Reach 100 Outlets Nationwide

Inviting Wayne Wong as the training lead, a Commercial Quality Lead from HEINEKEN Malaysia, the first training session in the past month has already equipped 80 bartenders and outlet owners from 13 local outlets with essential skills and knowledge. The program aims to reach 100 outlets nationwide, bringing service quality to the next level.

“The ‘Star Quality’ program doesn’t just improve skills, it opens doors for Cambodia’s vibrant bartending talent pool on the world stage, which in turn raises the bar for the local F&B and hospitality industry,” says Sergio Avalos Aldana, Sales Director of HEINEKEN Cambodia. “Serving the perfect pint of Heineken® is an art that requires precision and passion. There is also an art to maintaining this consistency in every Heineken® market worldwide. With the ‘Star Quality’ program, our consumers will be able to enjoy the authentic quality and experience when they order their favorite Heineken®.”

Star Quality At The Heart Of A 150-Year Brewing Heritage

Enhancing the bartending profession is one of many ways Heineken® reinforces its dedication to quality in every Heineken® served – a unique recipe that has been consistent across 192 countries for more than 150 years.

Global Master Brewer at Heineken® Willem van Waesberghe adds, “It’s easy to take for granted the refreshment and uniquely balanced taste a Heineken® always provides as it is so consistent wherever in the world you enjoy it. However, there is a true science behind the sip, driven by our Five-Star Brewing Principles, including Heineken®’s famous A-yeast, quality Pure Malt, 100% natural ingredients, a horizontal brewing method and our verified Star Brewers, a title that takes 10 years to attain – that provide you with the ‘first Ahhh!’ feeling”.

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