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FENDI Casa Opens First Flagship Store in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh

FENDI Casa Opens First Flagship Store in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh

Cambodia Investment Review

FENDI Casa has officially opened its first flagship store in Cambodia, situated in Phnom Penh. This venture is in partnership with MW Design and Build Co., Ltd., a Cambodian firm specializing in the import of luxury brands. The new store is strategically located in Phnom Penh’s vibrant lifestyle district, an area known for its shopping malls, upscale residential developments, luxury hotels, diplomatic buildings, and high-end tourist attractions.

This launch is part of FENDI Casa’s broader international expansion, initiated in 2021. Recent openings include a boutique in Jakarta, with plans to inaugurate monobrand stores in Seoul and Singapore within 2024. Alberto Da Passano, CEO of FENDI Casa, emphasized the significance of the Asian market for the brand. “Asia is a strategic market for FENDI Casa,” Da Passano stated. “These new store openings in major Southeast Asian capital cities will allow us to engage more directly with clientele who are already familiar with and value the FENDI universe, while also reaching new customers eager for the chance to access top-tier Made in Italy products.”

Promote The Values Of Quality And Artisanal Savoir-Faire

Da Passano further elaborated on the brand’s objectives. “With our stores, the goal is to promote the values of quality and artisanal savoir-faire, which have always been the brand’s hallmark, and to become a global reference point in luxury interior design,” he said. This vision aligns with FENDI Casa’s efforts to maintain its reputation for quality and craftsmanship in the luxury interior design sector.

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The new boutique spans 455 square meters on a single floor and was designed by the FENDI Casa design team, supervised by architects from the FENDI headquarters. The store’s exterior is marked by a prominent FENDI logo set against a yellow background and features four large floor-to-ceiling windows that enhance the visual connection between the interior and exterior spaces.

FENDI Casa flagship store in Phnom Penh Opening Night.

Inside, visitors are greeted by a bright, airy open space, characterized by the FF logo pattern in Arabescato Vagli marble on the walls and floors. An interior LED installation, inspired by Roman architecture’s iconic arches, adds a unique touch and catches the eye immediately upon entry. The boutique’s design includes a series of elegant, interconnected spaces highlighted by white columns, each detail meticulously crafted to showcase FENDI Casa’s collection of furnishings and accessories.

Fendi Phnom Penh: Aims To Blend Tradition With Innovation

The collection includes diverse styles, from the iconic upholstered Fun FENDI pieces by atelier oï, featuring the playful Peekaboo effect, to the minimalist Totu Set by Toan Nguyen, known for its elegance and craftsmanship. Other notable pieces include the Clouds bed by Chiara Andreatti, epitomizing sophisticated comfort, and the Blow Up seating system by Controvento, which offers a soft contemporary look.

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the creative director behind these designs, aims to blend tradition with innovation. “Each piece in our collection is a testament to the innovative spirit and artisanal excellence that FENDI Casa embodies,” she commented. “We strive to offer furniture that combines the noble tradition of Italian craftsmanship with an avant-garde vision.”

The Phnom Penh flagship store provides a unique shopping experience, allowing visitors to explore a collection that exemplifies the brand’s dedication to quality and design. As FENDI Casa continues to expand its presence in Asia, the new boutique in Cambodia stands as a significant milestone in the brand’s growth strategy, aimed at connecting with both existing and new clientele in the region.

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