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Smart Axiata And CFOCN Forge Long-Term Partnership To Elevate Cambodia’s Internet Connectivity

Smart Axiata And CFOCN Forge Long-Term Partnership To Elevate Cambodia’s Internet Connectivity

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In a momentous move for Cambodia’s telecommunications sector, leading telco Smart Axiata has announced a long-term partnership with Cambodia Fiber Optic Communication Network (CFOCN), the foremost fiber-optic infrastructure provider in the country. The alliance is set to elevate standards of internet connectivity by ensuring that capacity meets and exceeds customer needs.

The initiative not only signifies an important milestone for Smart but also underlines the company’s commitment to quality and accessible internet services. Focusing on infrastructure, the partnership will have a direct impact on end users, who will be able to stay connected to the internet on their mobile devices without interruption by virtue of having fiber-optic technology as a means for transmitting all the traffic they generate.

Fulfilling The Digital Aspirations Of Cambodians Nationwide

The collaboration between Smart and CFOCN represents a substantial leap forward in the direction of fulfilling the digital aspirations of Cambodians nationwide. By leveraging CFOCN’s robust fiber-optic infrastructure and Smart’s commitment to expand and improve national coverage, the partnership is poised to set new benchmarks for internet service quality, reliability and availability across Cambodia.

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Commenting on the partnership, Ziad Shatara, Chief Executive Officer of Smart, said, “This is more than just a business collaboration; it’s a strategic alliance aimed at transforming the digital landscape of Cambodia. Through our joint efforts with CFOCN, we are set to deliver unmatched internet connectivity that supports the digital lifestyle of every Cambodian, paving the way for a future replete with technological advancements and digital inclusivity.”

More Vibrant Digital Ecosystem in Cambodia

Mr. He Liping, Chief Executive Officer of CFOCN in Cambodia and Myanmar, commented, “Joining forces with Smart Axiata represents a pivotal moment for Cambodia’s digital evolution, ensuring unparalleled internet access and opportunities across the nation.”

With this venture, Smart and CFOCN aim to create a path towards a more vibrant digital ecosystem in Cambodia. The collaboration is set to raise internet service standards and aligns with the Royal Government of Cambodia’s vision, fostering technological innovation and ensuring sustainable digital development throughout the nation.

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