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Phnom Penh’s Condominium Market Embarks on a Second Evolutionary Cycle, Pricing Projected to Increase 40% by 2030:

Phnom Penh’s Condominium Market Embarks on a Second Evolutionary Cycle, Pricing Projected to Increase 40% by 2030:

Cambodia Investment Review

The condominium market in Phnom Penh is currently positioned at a pivotal juncture, signaling the commencement of its second cycle of evolution with expectations of a robust growth trajectory into the next decade. Analysis by, a leading real estate platform in Cambodia, anticipates a marked upswing in condominium prices across several market segments between 2024 and 2030.

The projections outline a potential price increase in the prime condo sector from $2,100 to $3,000 per square meter—a notable 42% rise. The high-end market segment is also poised for growth, with prices expected to ascend from $1,900 to $2,600 per square meter, constituting a 36% increase, while the mid-market segment is forecasted to grow from $1,600 to $2,250 per square meter, equating to a 40% upturn. This forecasted growth indicates an average increase of around 40% across these segments, signifying a vigorous period for the Cambodian property market that beckons both domestic and international investors.

A Strategic Recalibration Following Pricing Adjustments

The current market conditions represent a strategic recalibration following the pricing adjustments witnessed in the post-COVID-19 period. This adjustment phase is reflective of a global pattern in property markets that cycle through growth and recession phases. Simon Griffiths, a representative, during a detailed presentation on the state of the market, emphasized the emergence from the market’s current nadir.

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“We’ve reached the bottom, and we are now embarking on a property cycle where new project launches are poised to offer unprecedented value in terms of pricing and what they can deliver to their buyers,” Griffiths stated. His insights underscore a broader sentiment of cautious optimism for the Cambodian condo market’s future, buoyed by the competitive pricing strategies of new developments.

Griffiths further highlighted the intricate linkages between global economic trends and the Cambodian property sector, particularly the impact of decisions made by the US Federal Reserve on interest rates and inflation measures. This global-local interplay is crucial for understanding the dynamics at play as the Phnom Penh condo market begins its upward trajectory.

Simon Griffiths during a market presentation for

A historical overview presented by Griffiths traced the evolution of Cambodia’s modern property cycle, starting from the foundational changes in 2009 that facilitated foreign ownership, through the significant growth phases characterized by the entry of international developers and investors from across the Asia-Pacific region. The period between 2013 and 2016 marked a phase of consolidation and growth, setting the stage for the rapid expansion and diversification of the condo market that followed.

The COVID-19 pandemic, however, exerted unprecedented pressures on the global and local property markets, leading to a period of adjustment and recalibration. Prices peaked before the pandemic, reaching over USD $4,000 per square meter, only to face corrections in the subsequent period. Despite these challenges, the market is showing signs of resilience and adaptation, with new developments aligning more closely with current market realities and conditions.

Condo Market Gears Up For Its Second Evolutionary Cycle

As the Phnom Penh condo market gears up for its second evolutionary cycle, Griffiths expressed a confident outlook, anchored in the expectation of steady growth and the introduction of projects that promise greater value. The market’s recovery and future prospects are seen as being influenced by both local initiatives and global economic trends, including potential interest rate cuts by the US Federal Reserve.

In essence, the condominium market in Phnom Penh stands at the threshold of a significant transformation. With the market seemingly at its lowest point and ready to ascend, the coming years are anticipated to usher in a period of substantial growth and opportunity. This second cycle of evolution not only marks a rebound from the challenges posed by the pandemic but also heralds a new era of prosperity for Cambodia’s real estate sector, with promising prospects for investors and developers alike.

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