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Metro Restaurants: Pioneering Gender Equality in Cambodia’s Culinary Scene

Metro Restaurants: Pioneering Gender Equality in Cambodia’s Culinary Scene

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As the global community marks International Women’s Day on March 8, the spotlight turns to businesses that are not only excelling in their industries but are also leading the charge in promoting gender equality and empowerment. In Cambodia, Metro Restaurants stands out as a beacon of progress in this regard. This restaurant group, with nearly two decades of operation, has become a key player in Phnom Penh’s dining scene, owning four unique restaurants with a fifth on the way, all under the leadership and expertise of dynamic women.

At the core of Metro Restaurants’ success is a deeply ingrained philosophy that champions the professional development and empowerment of its employees, especially women. This ethos is vividly embodied by Ms. Ath Sona, the Chief Financial Officer of the group. Starting her career at the grassroots level within the company, Ms. Sona’s ascent to the executive suite is a testament to Metro’s commitment to nurturing talent from within.

The Importance Of Company Culture Empowerment

“My journey with Metro Restaurants has been transformative,” Ms. Sona commented. “From the beginning, it was clear that the company valued not just my work, but my growth and development as well. This culture of empowerment has allowed me and many others to achieve our full potential.”

Ms. Ath Sona, the Chief Financial Officer of the group.

Echoing this sentiment, Ms. Sreyleak, the evening restaurant manager at Metro Rahu, one of the group’s flagship establishments, highlights the company’s support for education and personal development. “Working for Metro Restaurants has been a source of pride, especially because of their support for our individual aspirations. I’m currently studying international relations, and I have colleagues pursuing degrees in other fields. It’s this kind of support that makes a difference,” she said.

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Metro Restaurants’ commitment to gender equality is evident in its workforce composition, with women making up nearly 70% of its employees. This includes three out of four restaurant General Managers, showcasing the group’s effective gender-inclusive policies and practices.

Investing In Growth And Well-Being Of All Staff

The company’s CEO, Nouth Sokha, attributes Metro’s success to its emphasis on empowering employees. “The secret to our success is no secret at all. It’s about empowering our people, especially women. Investing in their growth and well-being not only enriches their lives but also strengthens the entire organization,” Sokha stated.

Through initiatives such as mentorship programs and leadership development, Metro Restaurants is breaking barriers and fostering a culture of equality and opportunity. As International Women’s Day reminds us of the importance of gender equality, Metro Restaurants serves as a shining example of how businesses can thrive by prioritizing the empowerment of women. This commitment not only enhances the company’s operations but also sets a standard for others in the industry to follow, making a significant impact in the community and beyond.

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