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InterNations Sets Sail On Unique Professional Networking Event on the Mekong

InterNations Sets Sail On Unique Professional Networking Event on the Mekong

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The global network for expatriates, InterNations, orchestrated a distinctive social gathering designed to foster connections across the business and development sectors.

The event, organized by Ambassador Tom Starkey, this time took to the Meking, with a boat cruise along the Mekong River, offering an unparalleled networking experience set against the backdrop of one of Southeast Asia’s most iconic waterways. Starkey, reflecting on the event, expressed his gratitude towards the diverse group of attendees.

“I am really grateful for everyone who joined us on this unique journey. Welcoming some 25 different county nationals really underscores the global spirit of our community. It’s these moments of connection and understanding that make our events so special,” he said.

Bringing Together A Diverse And Widespread Crowd

The Mekong River cruise is the latest installment in InterNations’ ambitious monthly event series, each time set in a unique venue, aimed at bringing together a diverse and widespread crowd from various professional backgrounds. This initiative is not only about networking but also celebrating the vibrant expatriate community, providing a platform for individuals to forge meaningful connections that transcend the usual business contexts.

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InterNations March 01, 2024.

The event always delivers an environment conducive to conversation, collaboration, and community building.

One of the highlights of the event was the lucky draw, sponsored by local businesses, which has become a trademark feature of these monthly gatherings. Prizes ranged from hotel stays at prestigious establishments like TRIBE and The Balé, to serene resort stays at SSaracen Bay Beach – Koh Rong Sanloem, indicating a strong community support and collaboration with local enterprises.

Commitment To Enriching The Expatriate Experience

Additionally, personal training sessions from Drop Sweat Coaching, free wine courtesy of Celliers d’Asia, and craft beer from Jaya Vara, added an extra layer of excitement to the event, rewarding attendees not just with valuable connections but also tangible gifts that represent the best of local hospitality and services.

The InterNations event on the Mekong River demonstrates the commitment to enriching the expatriate experience through innovative and engaging social gatherings. By choosing the majestic Mekong River as the venue for its latest event, InterNations has once again demonstrated its ability to blend professional networking with cultural and recreational experiences, fostering a sense of community among expatriates and locals alike.

As these events continue to evolve, they not only serve as a testament to the dynamic and supportive expatriate community but also highlight the potential for businesses and development professionals to collaborate in meaningful ways.

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