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Cambodia’s Alcohol Industry Coalition Commits to Promoting Responsible Drinking

Cambodia’s Alcohol Industry Coalition Commits to Promoting Responsible Drinking

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As responsible companies operating in Cambodia, we are committed to promoting responsible drinking and reducing the harmful use of alcohol. While enjoying a drink is a part of social life for many adults worldwide, we firmly believe in the importance of preventing excessive or harmful alcohol consumption. Our support extends to informing consumers and encouraging moderation among adults who choose to drink.

As companies in the alcohol industry, we are dedicated to fostering safer drinking cultures through the following actions:

1. Responsible Alcohol Marketing, Advertising, and Promotion

We appreciate our active dialogues with the representatives of the Royal Government of Cambodia to jointly work towards stronger and responsible industry practices. Notably, we are working to establish a self-regulatory Responsible Marketing Code in line with the signatories. This code’s primary aim is to ensure that all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities of alcohol beverages conducted in Cambodia do not encourage or condone excessive consumption or misuse of any kind and moreover, be designed and placed for an adult audience and never be designed or placed in a way that appeals primarily to minors. The coalition constantly aims to work together with industry and government stakeholders to create a marketing landscape that encourages responsible advertising and discourages practices leading to irresponsible consumption or buying behavior.

2. Addressing Concern of Underage Drinking

Signatories continue to advocate to protect people under 18 years old from accessing to alcohol in Cambodia. We remain dedicated to the belief that individuals under 18 should not consume alcohol and we continue to support Cambodia’s goal to deliver on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3.5. In early 2023, we shared our coalition’s plea, titled “The Private Sector’s Commitment to Supporting Government Efforts to Protect Individuals Under 18 Years Old from Accessing All Alcoholic Beverages,” to prevent those below 18 years old to buy alcohol and raising awareness around the need and putting in concerted efforts to ensure that those serving or selling alcohol beverages are trained to identify and deny service to underage consumers.

3. Supporting Road Safety Initiatives to Reduce Drink Driving Incidents

Signatories have individually and collectively worked in partnership with the Government of Cambodia to address the concerning rise in drink driving incidents, recognizing the importance of this issue. We advocate for a strict “never drink and drive” policy to enhance road safety. This includes the establishment of the coalition-led Road Safety Working Group under the International Business Chamber (IBC). This group aims to forge partnerships with the National Road Safety Committee of the Ministry of Public Works & Transport to advance the objectives outlined in the National Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, with a focus on reducing alcohol-related road incidents and their associated risks.

As an industry coalition for responsible drinking in Cambodia, we stand ready to continue to strengthen our partnership with the Government of Cambodia to reduce harmful alcohol consumption. We invite others to join us in championing responsible drinking and preventing the harmful effects of alcohol misuse. By combining our resources with those of policymakers, regulators, healthcare professionals, and societal leaders, our coalition aims to make a lasting impact and create a safer and more responsible drinking culture for all.

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